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Oh, she was a vision in red!

And rightly so, because she has a vision. She’s been bringing this vision to light for 29 years and I was thrilled to be a guest of Brigitte Christoph and her KölnBall (Cologne Ball) this past Saturday.

This was truly a passionate, heartfelt evening. I unfortunately missed out seeing this amazing woman up close and personal on the red carpet as I arrived just after the festivities began from my book presentation at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair, but I wouldn’t have missed this event for the world.

We seven hundred guests enjoyed the entertainment from air performance artist Cynthia Rodrigues, the Klas Band, Jean Pearl, DJ Marco Maribello, the ever and always charming sopranist Oswald Musielski, and star guest Roland Kaiser.

We ate, drank, danced and were very merry! The KölnBall was a ball!

Oh, and one more thing: on this evening, this inspiring woman Brigitte Christoph, raised sixty-thousand Euro for children’s cancer research. Over a span of 29 years she has raised nearly 6 million Euro for various children hospitals, life-saving medical equipment, research and the Cologne, Germany Ronald McDonald House.

And I say Amen to all of that. It’s all about the babies and their well-being, protecting them and enabling them to survive.

We just need a vision . . .

The 30 anniversary of the KölnBall will be September 29, 2018. Read all about it at

Thank you, thank you, thank you Brigitte for all that you do. Here’s to your continued strength, stamina and that beautiful vision of yours.



(with fashion designer and author Harald Glöckler)
(danke für das Bild liebe Renate Blumenrath!)

The Real Rock Stars!

Elvis agrees, these are the Real Rock Stars!

Vote at

Support the Medic One Foundation today!
At some point, all of our lives are touched by these Rock Stars and they need our support now!

I recall the terrifying Sunday, November morning when the phone rang informing me that my father had suffered a heart attack. They called it Sudden Death, and I didn’t know what to expect. His heart had stopped. He was in his mid fifties, and seemingly fit and otherwise active and healthy As I rushed from my apartment, a less than ten minute drive, the Medic Team had arrived and revived him. Forever grateful for the gift of additional years the Medic team gave me with my father. Because of them, he was able to meet my son and celebrate many milestones.

Now, it’s time to shine light on the Real Rock Stars!

Vote, vote, vote $10 per vote that goes to The Medic One Foundation, which provides training, research, and equipment to our State’s highest level critical care first responders.

Team The Real Rock Stars!
Dana Frank and Patti Savoy

elvis hot shot

When the Stars Align…

This past week, I have been sharing posts about Rock Stars as Patti Savoy and I prepare for our big reveal tomorrow October 18th!

Growing up, my father in addition to being a savvy business man, was also a jazz musician. He and my mother had a night club in Pioneer Square, called The Pink Pussycat. As a child, our home was filled with the likes of Esther Phillips, Boz Scaggs, Little Richard, and Lou Rawls. Music was such a part of our DNA, that I always had an appreciation for those who honed their craft to make it in such a challenging industry.

little richard

(Little Richard with my mom at our family home. Patti thinks it’s real funny that my little head is peeking in the left rear)!

I came to particularly appreciate and respect those who used their gifts, and celebrity as a platform to make a change.

Patti too has always had a deep love and connection to the music industry and Rock Stars.

Over the years, we have had the honor and privilege to connect and or work with such major talent as Queen Latifah, Wynonna Judd, Herbie Hancock, Def Leopard, Usher, Prince, and Earth, Wind and Fire and more!

Queen Latifah
When I was working as Chief Marketing Officer for the Newark Bears Baseball Team, Queen Latifah hosted a game to support the youth living in the community of Newark.

queen latifah

Patti with Usher who describes his charity causes as “an innate desire to give.”

patti and usher

Patti LaBelle
I was fortunate to host the mega talent the year I was a co-chair of Treehouse for Foster Kids, a cause Ms. LaBelle wholeheartedly supports.
She touched not only the attendees hearts, but their pockets when we had a record breaking raise after she sang, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

patti labelle

Patti along with mega philanthropists, Def Leopard.
def leopard

Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire

Verdine is the co-founder of the Verdine White Performing Arts Center, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged and at-risk youth to become musicians by offering lessons, scholarships, and grants. He is a dear friend, and a true shining star!


Stevie Wonder, although he supports too many charities to list, all proceeds from the “Shelter In The Rain” single were directed to Stevie’s charity organization, The Wonder Foundation to help with Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Stevie constantly proves as in his lyrics, Love is in need of Love Today.

Stevie W

U2’s Bono co-founder of (RED) To date, (RED) has generated more than $475 million for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to support HIV/AIDS grants in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. 100 percent of that money goes to work on the ground – no overhead is taken.
If you still haven’t found what your looking for… give!


“We make a living by what we get, But we make a living by what we give”-Winston Churchill.

Tomorrow in the tradition of all Rock stars, Patti and I will share ones that have left an indelible ink on our hearts! Stay tuned…

Words to Live By at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair

It has got to be considered one of the greatest things in the world:

to be told by a complete stranger that you have inspired them; that your words encourage them; that you have lived to tell your tale and because of

what you lived through, it gives them hope to face their own challenges.

This is truly amazing and all the more so, for me, because the voice of this inspiration is tumbling from my lips in German, which is not my mother language, and it is at this point when I realise that my message of “never

giving up” is universal. And this was my experience presenting the German version of my book, Einen Herzschlag entfernt at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair.

That I am understood. That my message is universal in its meaning and in its application.

Everywhere. All over the world.

We all face problems. Health, food shortages, lack of economic opportunity,unemployment and on and on. We must tackle these problems with courageous in our conviction and have conviction in our courageousness! Don’t take no for an answer!

The absolute worst thing to happen would be for us not to at least

try and to end up walking stooped through life, our heads bowed

in shame weighed down with the question knotting at our necks of wondering whether we could have done more.

And we need to have hope. Sometimes it seems that hope is all we

really have and we need that ray of light that shines through hope

to guide us when we bump into walls in the dark because bump

into the walls we will when we are troubled. And most

importantly… we must keep our faith: whatever it is that you call on for

help and support. Faith will bring you to it. Faith produces what

you believe: it is the confidence in what we hope for and the belief

in what we cannot see. “Let go and let God,” as Mama would say.

Yes, we’ve got to build each other up–life is too short and too valuable to be

nonchalant. We’ve all got to help each other to face our walls of adversity and do our part to make this shaky world we’re living in come to stable ground. Let us listen to each other and get moved towards the right direction.

This menopausebarbee Dad said it: “It ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out” and I’m sharing his message, trying to make a difference from where I stand as I share my book,

Einen Herzschlag entfernt and Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story.

“It ain’t no givin’ out and no givin’ up.” “Aufgeben gibt’s nicht”.

Daddy, they’re hearing me.


Just Like Animals…The Voice In Search of Rock Stars!

Patti and I continue our post this week covering our personal celeb favorites of real Rock Stars that make a difference! As we prepare for our big reveal this week, we hope you will check out our social media platforms October 18!


Last week, we profiled, Siedah Garrett and Seattle’s own Macklemore.

Today’s spotlight, brings us to the Jungle. My partner in fun, Patti Savoy soon will embark back to Africa for her 10th excursion. There she will safari to once again pay witness to her beloved Big Cats, including leopards, lions, and cheetahs.

I was moved by the plight of Tigers as I was educated as part of Jungle Party, a team that Patti assembled to bring awareness to shed light on the remaining 3200 left in the wild. At our 2015 event, we raised a record breaking 2.2 million for this worthy cause.

jungle carpet2

Patti has informed me that there are no Tigers in Africa. But where she found one was on the arm of today’s Rock Star, Adam Levine.

In addition to the mega vocal pipes as lead singer of Maroon Five, Patti, (friends Deborah Adams and Fredda Goldfarb) and I attended a taping of The Voice where Adam is a judge on the popular singer competition show.

When Patti met Adam after his performance in Vegas, she presented him with a 10 for Tigers Bracelet, she commissioned. She told him the raw facts that there are less than 3200 Tigers in the Wild. He smiled, showed his arm, and replied 3201!

adam tiger

patti and adam1

Today we salute Adam, just like Animals- we demand the poaching to stop!
Thank you Adam for using your platform to support these beautiful and majestic creatures with your voice.*J*P15PRO1u7kqNcKSzLD%21vWdfcaOkrAVGFpApsWk%21%21010DNTgt9Sr4w%21Dw0Pci5ma*zlZH&PC=DCTS

Love is Patient…Love is Kind -In Search of Rockstars! #Macklemore


For the next few weeks, my partner in fun, Patti Savoy and I are working on a project- soon to be revealed, and we are talking ROCK STARS! We are taking trips down memory lane and will share some of our encounters with A Listers.

In today’s challenging times, we are particularly interested in Rock Stars who use their platform to make a change.

Earlier this week, we highlighted the beautiful and talented Siedah Garrett, who brought the world, Man in the Mirror, which she wrote for Michael Jackson.

In Seattle, for local Rock Star talent, the name Macklemore is synonymous with giving MORE.
Through his gift of rap, addressing issues on poverty to LGBT rights, to taking it to the streets and serving the major homeless population with Union Gospel Mission, Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore is a Seattle and global treasure.

Last week, Patti and I attended the Residency Dinner, a program offered by Macklemore and his music partner, Ryan Lewis. As a board member of MoPop, I’m proud of our association with the program which focuses on offering our youth creative hip-hop songwriting, performance techniques and beat production. Youth ages 16-19 with an established desire to pursue hip-hop and music as a career must apply online and meet all criteria in order to be considered. After paying witness to some of the students, this program in a life changer for many.

So let’s cheer for this 12! #Macklemore took the time for a photo at a Seattle Seahawk game with my children.

Frankfurter Buchmesse:11-15 October 2017

The @Frankfurter Buchmesse is the most important international trade fair for

content, the centre of the international media world and a major cultural event.

Nowhere else in the world does the publishing and media industry show itself from a more diverse, innovative and international side than during these five days in October.

And I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting the German version of my book, Incompatible with Nature, (Einen Herzschlag entfernt), on the Author’s sofa this year at the invitation of the Katholischen Medienverbandes (KM.)

For those of you visiting this, one of the greatest book fairs in the world, you will find me on Samstag, October 14, at 1:45 PM–Halle 3.1, Stand B 143.

Come and discover new books and the latest innovative digital publishing products. Maybe even meet your idols from the world of literature face-to-face at countless readings!

You don’t want to miss this major event in the world of literature! Hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 23.00.28


Rock Stars… Man in the Mirror

Let’s admit it, it’s Halloween season and as we search for the perfect alter ego costume, there’s a little bit of Rock Star/Celebrity Wanna Be in all of us!

Halloween 2015. Guess who I was?

From the time we were wee ones, we used kitchen spoons and utensils as makeshift microphones and sang and danced like no one was watching. For some of us, those childhood dreams continue and you brave the Karaoke stages. But the reality is many of us, including me, sing in the Key of Z.

My Partner in Fun, Patti Savoy and I were discussing our Halloween costumes this year. We focused on an 80’s theme and thought of all the phenomenal talent we have had the pleasure to meet over the years.

I still laugh heartily as I think of The MusiCares Gala during Grammy weekend, a few years back when Jimmy Kimmel impersonated Person of the Year, Lionel Richie. Kimmel, clad in Richie’s Commodore era wore a white studded jumpsuit open to the navel and a huge afro, while he kept the crowd in stitches mocking Lionel. Patti and I still dancing to Brick House, literally ran into Kimmel as he exited the stage. For some reason (blame it on the alcohol), we decided to stop and congratulate him on his stellar performance. We didn’t just leave it at well done. Tapping his shoulder and blocking his movement, we reassured him as if he hadn’t heard the raucous applause. We repeatedly confirmed, “No, seriously, you did good.” We held him up from getting his next change to take the stage and sing Easy Like a Sunday Morning. This story still brings us moments of uncontrolled laughter that we thought this A Star celebrity needed our blessings.

jimmy kimmel

Rock stars and entertainers are revered, respected, looked up to and emulated. Today, we are asking, Who are the Rock Stars in your life? Who are your role models for your children, and who do you feel by their work, make the world a better place? Patti and I have met many Rock Stars who have used their platforms to make a change. We will share over the next week some of our favorite Rock Star meetings and memories.

We then will be asking you to take a Look at the Man in the Mirror as we did in this below photo with the beyond talented Siedah Garrett who wrote and performed the song she wrote for Michael Jackson. Patti and I along with 11 of our besties brought Siedah to perform for the Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party to bring awareness for conservation and protection of Tigers, an endangered species with an estimated less than 3200 left in the wild. For Patti, Tigers and conservation are her passion. We could not have found better talent to bring the message home and it resonates on so many levels, from Big Cats to the state of our world. Take a moment and look at the Man in the Mirror. Siedah Garrett, thanks for using your platform to make change! You are a Rock Star!

siedah patti and dana

Writing and Why Writers Do What We Do . . .

Sharing a few special quotes today on writing. Words to consider. . .

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

“Write what should not be forgotten.”
― Isabel Allende

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until its done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”
― Neil Gaiman



The DNA of D-A-N-A

Yesterday, my sister, Windy, gave me a gift I have been longing for. That is to find the DNA of D-A-N-A.


Windy and I share the same father, however, she and I did not meet until adulthood. When she presented me with the kit, I looked at her husband, Ronnie, who is Native and I said, ‘So are me and Windy… Daddy was from the Stomp a Ho tribe!’

All laughter aside, I am eager to get the kit in the mail and find out what our heritage is from both sides of my lineage.

For those of you who follow our blog, just print Daddy in the search section on our site and you will see numerous stories, anecdotes, and life lessons that Gerald Frank taught his daughters. I long for knowledge of our history, as I knew his father, a very sweet, and gentle soul, Houston, who died when I was an adolescent. I never met my paternal Grandmother, who passed away at only 38. I stare at their pictures and wonder….

  It occurred to me, I was 32 years old when I last saw my father, but his legacy and lessons continue to teach me and inspire me daily.
As a self made real estate entrepreneur, investing in the Central District in the turbulent times of the 1950’s forward,  Daddy was called a lot of things… smart, savvy, risk taker, ruthless, insightful, mover and shaker, relentless, unmerciful, pioneer, or as the front page of the Seattle Times said, A man of property and parody.

As I look at this photo of Daddy’s mother, and her sister, I wonder what influences she had on his mark.

Mama’s lineage will no doubt ably, have to have come from a strong tribe of relentless, never ever give in or give out, cause you will be left in the wind kind of people.. She, along with 8 siblings arose from this modest 2 bedroom home in Seattle’s Central District.


to receiving numerous crowns, such as Ms. Seafair, and Ms. Bronze. With a work ethic that matches her ability to love, we are blessed with her determination and strong genes.

photo of my maternal grandmother, Elvira Jones.

Stay tuned, my genetic reveal will be blogged. Wherever I hail from, it’s as I’ve blogged in the past, I’m not crazy…I’m just a little in-well!