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Happy Happy


I reveled in the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. I loved everything about it–from preparing the menu to imagining and setting up the holiday decorations.

That last supper was truly my masterpiece. Even if I had known it was to be the last one of my marriage, I couldn’t have made it any better.

There were forty of us altogether and what a night to remember! This picture is of the menu I had hanging on the dining room wall. It says:

“The sharing of food and the gift of good company,

we are blessed, abundantly!

Thanksgiving Menu:

devilled eggs, sherry blue cheese spread, chicken liver pate, stuffed celery, The Turkey (actually I prepared two), ham, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, red and white creamed onions, green beans, dinner rolls (if I get to it) and I did, potato salad and the Pies!

Sweet potato, pecan, apple ad lemon meringue

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!”

After the feast, one of my girlfriends, Anita Davis set up her equipment and sang and we danced and had a great time until the wee hours of the morning.

It must have really meant something to me, in that this menu is one of the treasured items I took with me when I moved out of my home and my marriage. I am so thankful that I have it and I am so thankful for the memory of that awesome evening.

One of the things  I have learned over the years is that the good thing about something being the last time means that there will definitely be a first time for something else. That first time will surely make you happy or sad or maybe even both; but it will certainly be a new experience and that experience gives us growth. And that is a good thing.

What’s the moral of the story? 

This year Thanksgiving will not be the same. The celebration of this tradition will be a first. I would dare to say, it invokes feelings of sadness for many, not being able to celebrate as usual with all family and friends. But–this EXPERIENCE is the opportunity to take our maturity to the next level, to exercise restraint, and to really pause and appreciate and show that by being living testimonials to our blessings.

Be safe and be blessed, everyone. Happy Happy. 

Virus ends in US and It’s Up to US to Stay Stafe

It’s Thanksgiving week.  And as we celebrate all that we are grateful for, we cannot be remiss and not remember those who lost loved ones this year to the Pandemic.

This year, as our tables are missing loved ones who wisely chose to stay home, be thankful that although they are across town or out of state, they are still with you.  We reminisce of hugs which will never equate to elbow bumps, and cute masks which will never replace a smile, but know with a vaccine on the horizon, and we must play it safe. Virus ends in US and it is up to US to stay the course.

The frightening truth is that although many are misinformed, and believe once they have survived the virus, they are immune.  Per 60 Minutes interviews last evening, there are lingering after effects which can happen.

Please take a moment if you missed 60 Minutes last night and watch. As we give Thanks this week, give thanks for your health and thanks for everyone’s work to mask up and keep each other well.


Puzzling, often debilitating after-effects plaguing COVID-19 “long-haulers” – CBS News



Let Me Riddle You Today

Deutsche Übersetzung ist unten.
It belongs to you, but everyone else uses it.
Ein leichtes Rätsel heute:
Das gehört dir, aber alle anderen benutzen es.

© Jerry and Lois Photography
All rights reserved

Let’s Get Thank-filled

Yesterday, my sister’s post, the Three H’s hit home literally. The translation for me is that if you can’t pay, at least you can pay attention and use your heart, head and hands.  A week from today, tables across America will be set for a feast.  I love this YouTube video entitled Grandma what are you makin’ for Thanksgiving Dinner?  My mouth literally waters with anticipation of the scrumptious turkey, yams, potato salad, and stuffing which I will personally stuff myself.  But as my mouth waters, my eyes water also thinking of those less fortunate who won’t have family or a feast.  So this next week, the Menopausebarbees are asking each of you to join us by using your heart, head and hands and either using your heart and donating an item to your local food bank or using your head and forgoing a latte and sending in a donation or using your hands to volunteer to fill someone’s belly.  It feels good to fill. And for that we can all be Thankful!

Over this next week, we invite you to share your stories of giving.  Goodness is contagious.

The Three  H’s


Before you read any further, please stare at this picture for as long as you can and try to discern what exactly is going on. 

In case you couldn’t come up with the answer to this mind-boggling situation, I will tell you. These cars are filled with people waiting in line at a food bank yesterday in Texas. But it could as easily have been Milwaukee or New York or California. This is America and this is November 2020 and this is shocking, and this is frightening and this is wrong. 

The current administration is still finalizing regulations that will tighten eligibility requirements for food stamps. 

An unemployed construction worker waiting in line in this picture and laid off due to the pandemic, sad that he tried to apply for food assistance and was told that his family of five people would only be eligible to receive $ 25.00 per month. And so he waits in line.

The moral of this very true and very sad and very appalling story is, we’ve got to let go of what we think a good life is supposed to look like and sincerely appreciate and be thankful for everything we can get–which in this pandemic is for many not that much.

Hungry for the holidays.

I believe we can all do something to help–each of us individually has to decide for ourselves. But something is do-able.

All we need are the three H’s: a Heart, a Head, and some Hands.


It’s a 50’s Thang- Veterans Celebrating Veterans

Today, as we celebrate Veteran’s Day, I want to acknowledge and salute all the brave, including our father who have served and protected our freedom.

A veteran is also defined as, a person who has had long experience in a particular field.  As a Menopausebarbee, I was fortunate to participate  last Sunday in a project for another group of  veterans of a certain age with Natalie Wallace’s photo shoot entitled, Fifty Over Fifty.

I was familiar with Natalie’s work as she was the photographer for Shari Leid’s book, the 50/50 Friendship Flow, and she had taken our pictures for the publication celebrating Shari’s 50 years and 50 friends.  Natalie has a discerning eye and she immediately puts you at ease.  I was told to trust the process and to arrive with my face naked and to bring 4-6 outfits of my choosing.

Before my appointment, I previewed some of the veterans in their pictures on fifty.shades.of.fifty Instagram post.  I happened to be shoot number 49, I was in awe of the beauty and spirit each woman brought to the set.  The array included every nationality.  Mayumi, I was worried about the foundation match until saw your flawless spred.  However, once touched my face, my worries were put to ease as she is more than a makeup artist, but a true magician. (smile)  The technique and transformation were beyond my expectations.  Seriously, book Megan 703 475-6063 for your next engagement!

Looking at the photos and original styles, as well as personality that each model brought,  my take a way was this…

In our 50’s, and beyond, we have

courage born out of our maturity

knowledge born out of experience

compassion born out of our encounters

patience born out of what we have endured

gratitude born out of what we have received

hope born out of our resilience

individuality born out of adventure

and beauty born out of Love

Bravo Natalie Wallace- I agree, this is worth celebrating and I’m honored to be a part of your tribute.

Oh, and check out Natalie Eyestone Wallace on Facebook for her upcoming Boudoir Project for women over 40!


IMG_2200 (3)

Something’s Got to Give!

It’s Monday, and after a historical election weekend, we can all hopefully exhale and look forward to compassion, growth, and no matter if you voted blue or red, we can all get on a Good4All Experience for our futures.

As part of the Good4All partnership, each Monday, we are Meat-free.  Yesterday, I enjoyed my shopping at PCC purchasing the veggies, humus, and grains in anticipation for my meal tonight.  It’s so satisfying knowing that I can dedicate one day of not consuming animal products and that’s a benefit for all.  As Russel Simmons wrote, “I don’t want to eat anything that can run away from me.”

Today, I want to address another important measure we can take and that is addressing climate change.  Check out these useful tips:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning

Change a Light Bulbs to LED

Drive Less, and Carpool to Save Emissions

Buy Energy Efficient Products

Use Less Hot Water

Save Electricity and Turn the Lights Off

Plant a Tree they give off Oxygen

We’ve got work to do, but we are all in the together!


VOTE 2020!!

This Monday morning, I am sharing this past weekend’s newspaper article with my thoughts regarding the 2020 election. Additionally, I’d like to share some of the heinous tactics being used to discourage voting–which is a sacred right to be protected. 

Intimidation, harrassment and suppression, yes, this is happening.

Friday, Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus, nearly driving it off the highway between Austin and San Antonio. “These patriots did nothing wrong,” tweeted President Trump.

Blocking of the postal vote: Although the states have conducted elections with few problems since the 1990s by sending a ballot paper by mail to all registered voters, the Trump campaign has sued New Jersey, Nevada, and Montana to prevent them from doing the same. Trump has denounced the mailing of “unsolicited” ballots to voters on an almost daily basis.

Witness signatures are required: In eight states, including the swing states of Wisconsin and North Carolina, voters must find a witness to sign their ballots. This is clearly difficult and inconvenient in the best of times, and even more so in a time of pandemic and social distancing.

Sabotage of the postal service: The well-publicized major delays in mail delivery by the United States Postal Service have led to widespread concern that votes will be rejected because they arrived too late. The delays are due to changes made under Louis DeJoy, a major Republican donor who was appointed Postmaster General earlier this year. He reduced overtime, shortened the opening hours of post offices and forced trucks to drive before they could be filled with mail.

Premature closure of polling stations: There are long lines in front of polling stations for those who exercise their right to vote early – especially in communities of color. Some people have waited in line for more than ten hours – and that in a pandemic. Imagine waiting in line all day just to have the polling station close.

Preventing Mailboxes: Many states allow voters to return their ballots to mailboxes throughout the state, but the Trump campaign has complained to prevent mailboxes from being set up in swing states like Pennsylvania. One example is Texas, where Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued a directive a few weeks before the start of the early term calling on districts to remove additional mailboxes already installed, forcing Harris County, home to 5 million people, to move from 12 locations to just one. 

Recruitment of election observers: The Republican Party is seeking to recruit 50,000 election observers to intimidate and possibly challenge the eligibility of Democratic voters. President Trump has threatened to illegally send law enforcement agencies to observe the elections. 

These acts could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, especially in demographic groups with democratic leanings, and tip the election towards Trump. 




I have relatives in Seattle – they and everyone in America hope for a better future. A future in which the president will be a voice of reason. A president that you can be proud of and rely on. Yes, there is also a certain fear of what four more years of this presidency would do to democracy and the world. That is why I am sure that there will be a record turnout in the elections. 


The Covid 19 pandemic has shown us all that a leader has to master crisis management and communication.  He or she must be fair, objective and empathetic. I don’t believe that President Trump has met these standards, nor do I believe that he cares about all of America’s well-being. 

I dare say that America’s reputation as a safe, trustworthy, competent international leader and partner has been weakened. I hope that this “fall from grace” will not prove irreversible.

Above all, I look at election day with one feeling: with hope. But the vote is in danger. I read a newspaper article that listed 29 ways in which President Trump and the Republican Party could make voting more difficult, for example by blocking the postal vote and closing polling stations early, especially in districts with a predominantly black population.

The political atmosphere in America is highly charged. The outcome will have global implications for democracy, progress and solidarity across generations.  If Biden wins, I sincerely hope that there will be a peaceful transfer of power. Caution is advised, because Trump may not accept the election results if he loses. I can only pray for peace.

But the Trump crisis is also an opportunity, because issues like racism and the division of society are finally being discussed. Because of Trump’s attitude and his rhetoric about people of color, the pot is boiling over. With his words and deeds he has held up a mirror to American society, and he has sent back a grotesque image that many people don’t want to face:  Racism is still rampant throughout the country – and so far it has been reflexively denied. With the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor there has been a new awakening. Americans can no longer close their eyes to the sins of the nation.



We Need our PPE and PPV!!

People, we are, as I write this, 5 days out. 

Everyone knows that this election will go down in history as the most important in our life times.

Because of the pandemic, this is one of the biggest vote by mail elections we’ve had in recent history. 

Not any more. 

The post office has been sabotaged with cost-cutting and reduced overtime measures to slow the mail. Day before yesterday, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said: “It is too late to rely on U.S. Postal Service for absentee ballots. Citizens who already have an absentee ballot should sign the back of the envelope and hand-deliver it to their city or township clerk’s office or ballot drop-box as soon as possible. Voters who haven’t received their ballot should go to their clerk’s office to request it in person. They can fill it out, sign the envelope and submit it all in one trip.”

Along with this, further shameful suppression tactics such as limiting the places where voters can exercise their right to vote have been reduced and or eliminated. Case in point: Texas, where Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued a directive a few weeks before the start of the early legislative period calling on districts to remove additional mailboxes ALREADY INSTALLED, forcing Harris County, home to 5 million people, to move from 12 locations to just one.  Imagine that.

Sabotage abounds. Bottom line is that it is highly probable that some votes will be scrutinized for imperfections that will render them invalid. Anything can happen, so PLEASE don’t become complacent. 

My shout out today is if you know someone or know someone who knows someone in any of these states let them know that they must bring their votes in IN PERSON if they are to be counted: Michigan, where 1 million votes are still out; Wisconsin 600,000; Pennsylvania, over a million; North Carolina, 637,000; Arizona over 1 million; Florida 2 million.

The clock is ticking and our time is limited. We must see to it that all our votes are counted! So mask up and get in line. This is disgraceful and deplorable, but we have to do what we have to do. Help your neighbor get to a polling station if you can. Now, with Covid wreaking more havoc in our lives than ever, we need PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) and PPV (Patience, Perseverance, and our Vote)!!

Look at this picture. We have come a long way, but clearly, we have a long way to go. Let’s look at our history and be inspired by the strength of those who stood in line before us.