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Everybody Loves a Love Story

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We Live for Love

Jessie’s Girl is most likely living in senior housing, however, last night, she was dancin’ at the Woodland Park Zoo.  My tribe converged on the scene as Rick Springfield, now 67 years young, belted his 1981 hit.  How can I find a woman like that???

The last time I saw Pat Benetar  was in 1982.  Benetar did not disappoint as she continued to hit us with her best shot and moved the crowd, proving we indeed  live for love.  Her raspy voice on hits such as Hell is for Children and Love is a Battlefield left us wanting more.



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State of Emergency


There was a fine group of us who had a state of emergency in Cologne, Germany a few weeks ago.

At the time, I never thought I would in some bizarre way compare it to the state of emergency in Charlottesville, Virginia day before yesterday.

The white horse in the room in Cologne was that this state of emergency was a Celebration of Life of Brian Keith Barnes, father, musician and suddenly gone way too soon.

Oh yes, and as in Virginia, there was blood and soil and in Cologne it was the blood, sweat, and toil of searching the soil of the city streets that Onita Boone labored as she scoured the town and social media looking for the barbecue spareribs that only she knows how to prepare to succulently to slide off the bone. And the elbow grease provided by all the cooks: Claudine, Nina, Tutu, Boysie and please forgive me whomever I am accidentally forgetting here, for this amazing meal–we’re in Germany here folks, so please, tip your hats to the wonderful food: collard greens, 2 kinds if I recall correctly, corn bread, fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, Frikadellen, collard greens, potato salad, tomatoes and tortellini salads, mozzarella, mac and cheese, mac and cheese!!! And desserts! Endless homemade desserts!

As my girlfriend, Deborah Woodson said: “It feels like Sunday.” And she was oh so right!

And then of course, instead of cars driving into peaceful demonstrators with the intention of killing them, cars for Brian’ s celebration parked in the spots designated for their parking purposes. The venue was held at the Ebony Premium Club & Sports Bar Köln. Big Mike, the proprietor, allowed us to use his premises for a fractional cost. Here’s to you, Big Mike.

My book, Incompatible with Nature–a Mother’s Story is in the front window of my car. I parked, stepped outside and several people, who were joining the celebration asked me what the book is about. After telling them my message, we all hugged and I felt like I too was bringing something to this bounteous table, aside from my appetite and the looking forward to hugging good friends and remembering another.  We all need an uplifting message today,  one message, that will outlast hatred and bigotry and meanness and spitefulness…because it is a love story. And love will always trump hate. ALWAYS.
Aah and the torches. They burned. They burned our very souls as they were the voices and the instruments of the fellow musicians who wanted to make sure that Brian was lifted musically into the Heavens.

And it was a beautiful thing.

Heather and Brian, I like to think that we’re doing the best we can. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sometimes, I think God is laughing at us or19959200_10155620472103324_5297623032486232458_n crying for us.

Blood, soil, white horses, messages and collard greens in Germany.
Come what may, we wish you peace.


If Your Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention

Unrest… I couldn’t sleep last night. When I awoke and turned on the morning news, I was immediately inundated with the reality of our unrest as a nation.

As I watched a recap of the violence that occurred this past weekend, I immediately thought of a favorite quote, “Watch out when you follow the masses, as the M is often  silent.”

I needed to put a face, name and story on the ass that plowed his Dodge Challenger at a high rate of speed  into the masses, killing a 32 year old woman and injuring at least 19 others. His name is James Alex Fields, Jr. He is a twenty year old, who friends recall on a school trip to Germany revered Adolf Hitler and proclaimed, ‘This is where the magic happened.’

As James Alex Fields, Jr.  enters the courtroom this morning… I pray that in his unrest, as we put a face to such evil, we res0lve, this is NO PLACE FOR HATE.

Heather Heyer, the victim of his deadly plow very last Facebook post read “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,”

I’m outraged Heather… RIP

no place for hate

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Peaceful weekend everybody!




Seattle Polo Party! Follow the Masses

One of the benefits of social media is having a platform to reach the masses.  It is said to watch when you follow the masses, as sometimes, the M is silent.

But today’s post is indeed for the Masses, particularly those, who like me, like to watch the a**’s!

  1. Seattle Polo Party From founder @camdesignerman… get your tickets today!! #seattlepolo Interview w/ @mimijungking5 @king5seattle #h206events

Giddy up!  See ya Saturday




No Greater Love

The aim of 7th WCPCCS held this year in Barcelona was to bring together all professionals and caretakers involved in the care of children’s heart disease and congenital heart disease of all ages, from the fetus to the aged.

This Organization had heart and soul! What an amazing group of people! Advocates in part from Indonesia, USA, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Uganda, Argentina, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, India, the Philippines, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Jamaica, Columbia and Canada were all represented. All coming together to fight CHD. And to form a new global organization to make sure every heart child lives a long and healthy life–no matter where they are born.

I heard from the young man from India who has a CHD and he shared that in his country, famous for its prearranged marriages, that if one or the other to be intended has a CHD, this information is not released by the family.

In Malaysia, generally, the topic is simply not discussed. Grace, a young woman from that country and also a CHD survivor, knew of no one else in her country with this disease. In Malaysia, CHD has also been the major cause of mortality for women and men since early 1970’s. In one study, about half of the respondents studied in Kelantan had low education and income levels, had average knowledge, attitude and practice on CHD.

Indonesia has a very small heart community. The young man representing his people is the father of a CHD child. If his baby survived the surgery, he made a promise to work in his community to support other families with CHDs and since 2011 has helped over 1000 families. He had us all laughing when he said that the people prefer to believe in magic as a healer, because they believe it helps and doesn’t cost as much as surgery.

And then of course, I had the great fortune of meeting these two Mama Bears pictured here with me, Hannah and Monique. They nicknamed me the Book Lady as I was the only person they’d met who has written a book about my and my son’s journey with CHD.

Both of these brave women’s sons were born with a heart defect. Monique is from Cape Town, S.A. and vowed that once her son survived surgery that she would donate her time helping others. Not only does this single mother of three raise her babies alone, she offers up her lunch hour to go to the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital to console families in need. She has established the Heart of Hope Support Group. It is her dream to establish a Heart of Hope House for those needing housing during a loved one’s hospital stay. And we’re accompanied by Hannah from the Philippines. Hannah is Co-Founder and Director at Let it ECHO. When Hannah’s child was born with a CHD, she had no money to pay for an operation and care so she raised money on line and her non profit has helped hundreds of other families pay for the costs of their heart surgeries and care since then. These are warrior heart mamas! I was in mighty fine company. We come from different corners of the world, but forged a friendship that thanks in part to social media, I am sure, we will treasure forever.
These women reinforced in me once, no twice again, that there is no greater love than a mother’s love.

Monique and Hannah, look up–He just did it again. Love you amazing, selfless women!


Dating DNA

we broke up but stil cousins

With all this online dating, I think there needs to be a DNA test included!

Kyra and Kevin – makin’ Bacon and didn’t even know!

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Seafair Memories- Surf and Turf!


Germany has Carnival and Seattle has Seafair!

Some of my favorite memories

As my sister and co-blogger has shared some of the celebratory traditions of Germany, today I bring you to my side of the “pond.”

Seafair is a summer festival in Seattle, Washington, that encompasses a wide variety of small neighborhood events leading up to several major city-wide celebrations. While many small block parties and local parades occur under the auspices of Seafair, most Seattle residents associate Seafair with the Torchlight Parade (and accompanying Torchlight Run), Seafair Cuphydroplane races, and the Blue Angels. Seafair has been an annual event in Seattle since 1950,
where the Menopausebarbees own mother, Theresa was crowned as one of the original first 5 Queens.
mama queen2
Fast-forward, 65 years later, the family tradition continues as  June 2015, I was honored to be amongst the first 5 locals knighted as Seafair Knights of the Roundtable.  My fellow knights and I were recognized for our community service.
seafair 1
I entitled today’s blog Seafair Surf and Turf as the activities rang from land to the lake and the food, revelry and spirits never cease.
Memories of Seafair past- re-post
A few Seafairs ago, we embarked early as thousands of attendees were all vying for a coveted space on the Log Boom.  Thanks to my fellow Knight, Lee Travis, we secured the very last $600 pass which allowed my girlfriend, Julie Santos and her husband, Captain Tim Ufkes to park Havanna along other yachts and crafts with up front and personal views of the hydro plane races.
Trina and I stayed upon the Havanna with Julie Friday night.  With the sound of the ripples gently rocking me like a baby, I had the best nights rest in ages.  I awoke Saturday to the rumbling of Tim who had returned to the boat by dinghy rearranging our attached destination.   Thursday night, we spent two hours in the water getting  anchored, but we were unfortunately not parked properly.   After listening to Trina moan about her latest break up- I assured her that was “sooooo July” and by the time she made it to the upper cabin, sure enough there would be plenty more fish to choose from on the rapidly filling up log boom.  ( Two years later, Trina and Eric are swimming in tandem- no more fishing!) Julie’s friend, Debbie joined us and soon enough with cocktails on our floating devices, we were heading down the lake in tandem.  Our goal destination 20 boats down to Yvette Eisenberg.  I loved checking out the clever names of all the yachts.  My personal favorite Aqua Holic, as everyone was indeed being over served!  The boating community is such that not only is mi casa su casa, but  everything mine is yours. Strangers walk deck to deck, even walking through your casa cabin to get to their friends.  They share ice, and necessitates and make trips back to shore for a grocery run.
The trips from Surf to Turf were challenging as the navigation is completely shut down during the Blue Angel show.  The Lake Police Patrol are out in full force, and will not allow ANY exceptions.
julie boating