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Karma… Turning a Noun into a Verb

After a year of deep reflection, living in these times of a Pandemic, violence against minorities based on their skin color, and desperate acts of mankind from hoarding toilet paper to elective non payers refusing to pay for services when they are able, I want to discuss Karma.  Although Karma is a word that roughly translates to “action,” it is commonly used as a noun.  People are known to have Good Karma and Bad Karma.  We often hear the phrases,  “Their Karma is Coming”  “Karma is a Bitch,” “Karma Kicked Their Ass,” or “If you Wait Long Enough, Karma will get You.”

Karma by definition is not a commodity which you can see, touch, exchange  trade or negotiate.  It is a vital asset which we as humans all individually own. It’s a simple equation, which like we learned in Sunday School preaches, “Do unto others, as you would like done to you.”  With Karma, a good deed will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to a harmful effect.”

Today, I invite you to do a good deed for anyone and spread some good Karma.

For $12.99, I just purchased reusable Sanitary napkins for women in Sudan who are refugees from Tigray where the President is cleansing and 80,000 women, children and men are in need.  Although, I don’t know one of these recipients of this Dignity Kit, I can’t even imagine the suffering.  As I think of it, this act turned Karma into the verb it was meant to be.

Karma…get moving!

The Necessities of Life

At The End of the Day…What Matters Most


Last Sunday evening, I arrived home to Seattle from a quick trip to Palm Springs. It was a reset and rewind in the sun for just the weekend. Catching up with friends and meeting new ones, I  picked up an elder dame at a bar.  I was drawn to her.  She was intuitive and I found her age, wisdom and life experiences so entertaining, that I invited her to join us for dinner at our outside table.

At age 75, my new friend had been married 5 times.  She was as blunt as she was blonde.  We talked about everything from of course marriage, which she admitted she was not good at.  We dissected each of her husbands.  The one she called her soul mate unfortunately died at 52 from cancer.  We reminisced her life through pictures on her phone.  She had morphed from a sexy red head to now this full figured blue eyed post Menopausebarbee beauty who still had a zest for life.  I asked where my single friends should go to meet eligible men, and she said without hesitation to take up golf!  We discussed parenting, as she has two successful daughters and a grand daughter all married and thriving. She was so personable it was no surprise her work and career had been in real estate.  We talked health, her current and fifth husband is in a senior care facility with dementia.  He has multiple girlfriends, which makes her happy, as he doesn’t remember her anyway, and she wants him to be happy. Besides, she has rekindled an old romance which brings her joy.  She warned that we should not take Benadryl as it affects our long term memory.   So much for my sleeping aid.  We discussed toxic friendships and the need to distance those when they don’t serve your well being.  She said she treasures her plethora of true great girlfriends.  We discussed the best restaurants and nightlife in the Desert.  She suggested we try the local Pot Dispensary to fight every ailment from achy joints to hot flashes.

I asked her what she thinks at the end of each day.  She said simply, she has no apologies.  Life is good.  Meeting this dame reminded me of my grandfather’s words- never look back on a day and not be able to smile.  This dame made me smile.



Two Burning Questions

I woke up this Friday morning with questions on my mind. 

Is my grocery list complete–shall I just run down the street to the store or shall I drive over to the German version of Costco? Laundry: today or tomorrow morning? Shall I get in some outdoor exercise and walk down to the Rhine River? Will the Covid vaccine save us all? How many things can I get done in my apartment under five minutes that will give me a general sense of calm upon completion? How can I show an act of kindness today–either online or masked up face-to-face. Do I really feel like dealing with all my paperwork? The list goes on….

But! I was, still am and no doubt will continue to be agitated by two burning questions.

I have been, to a degree, following the trial for justice for the murder of George Floyd. Yesterday, the scientific testimonies of experts Dr. Martin Tobin and Dr. Bill Smock were more than transfixing; they were simply torturing. We all saw the video. We all saw the life squashed out of this man. What may have escaped us in watching the general horror of it all were the small details. For example, in a picture piece of evidence, Dr. Tobin circled the foot of Chauvin showing that he actually lifted his foot away from the ground revealing that he was purposefully pushing, pushing his full weight onto Mr. Floyd. This monster Chauvin is diabolical. 

So my burning questions are:

 Number 1: George was on the ground, handcuffed, doing everything within his might to breathe– and for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds–even after life had left George, Chauvin didn’t let up. WHAT WAS HE and the OTHER OFFICERS WAITING FOR? They obviously didn’t need any back up so WHAT WERE THEY WAITING FOR?? Think about it! 

Secondly: What in the actual name of all that is right and just could Chauvin be writing so busily, so diligently, so intensely–regardless of who is speaking??? Could he be drawing? Doodling? Writing his penance? Promising God that he’ll never ever again slowly, intently, and nonchalantly kill anyone again?

Three Our Fathers and Three Hail Marys scribbled over and over and over again will not save his depraved murderous soul…

I guess I’ll start with that walk. I need a breath of fresh air. 

Peaceful weekend everybody. 

No matter what happens, don’t forget to BREATHE.

Something for Your Toolbox

Compassion Seattle

Last month, I received a call from my long-time friend and best auto detailer in the city (plug) proprietor of Final Touch Detail, Derek Anderson 3100 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112.  Derek shared that he had a new hire who was desperate for housing as a replant from out of state.  On paper, the resident would not qualify, however, based on the applicants proven hard work ethic, the likes of which Derek and I both witnessed, we worked together and got them housed.  On my part, we significantly reduced the rent.  On Derek’s part, he agreed to co-sign.  It was a win-win. The resident and cat have a home.  Compassion.

Yesterday, around 2 p.m., in the afternoon, my son and partner, Brett and I drove past one of our buildings on Capitol Hill.  As I circled the alley, my son pointed out a homeless man, literally braced upon our property in full squat defecating.  Our eyes met as I stopped driving, and he lowered his downcast.  This moment visually, I literally paid witness to the lowest ebb of human dignity.  Compassion.  WE CAN NOT just drive by and ignore that humans are living worse than those depicted in the movie Nomadland, where at least they had a bucket.  If you haven’t seen the movie, or read the book, Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by Jessica Bruder, please enlighten yourselves.

What came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Is our homeless crisis due to economics or mental illness or drug addiction?  In doesn’t matter. As I looked at the squatter on my building yesterday, I assume he qualified in all three categories, but the bottom line, he needs help.    Compassion.

Please join us and spread the word Compassion Seattle

For more information, to donate or volunteer, visit To join Compassion Seattle in social discussion, visit LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.


Nobody should call this home.

The Gospel Truth

My friends, we are in the midst of the holy season. 

Whether we are observing Easter celebrations, looking towards Ramadan, or midway through Pesach week, people of all religions–and those who are not religious–all across the world, are dealing with the pain of the pandemic. We Christians, rely on our religious values and traditions to give us lessons on strength, endurance, growth, trust,  and faith. Faith is key, and with the state of our world, we really can’t have enough of it.

One thing I know for sure is that regardless of our personal beliefs, we are all focused on resurrecting life as it was before the pandemic. 

I’m sharing this beautiful tattoo that my son Marc has emblazoned above his left chest. 

“Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous!

Be not afraid, neither be discouraged

For the Lord your God is with you

Wherever you go.”

Let us hold on tight to our faith, and look towards tomorrow with the confidence in that for which we hope for and the assurance of that which we cannot see. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid. Hold on tight!

Wishing everyone wellness!



Beautiful People…

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

I keep this reminder quote posted on my refrigerator.  This past year, I have personally been tested and found the need to reiterate to those which I love that to be “beautiful” does indeed take work.  It takes facing your fears, tears, heart aches, heart breaks, long days and sleepless nights, and rising like the phoenix.  “To rise like a phoenix from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, smarter and more powerful.”

To all my beautiful people, rise up!  We applaud you. Come into the light and let it shine…

The best is yet to be, so why not  BE Beautiful xo


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Happy Birthday Sir Elton John!

In honor of Sir Elton John’s Birthday today, I’m sharing the post I wrote when I attended his home near Windsor Castle for his annual White Tie and Tiara Ball raising funds and awareness for HIV. Such a WONDERFUL memory! Happy Birthday and blessings Sir EJ!

This spectacular evening marked the 20th anniversary of the Elton John AIDS Foundation which is a global organization fighting HIV and AIDS. Among the 10 largest AIDS grant-making organizations in the world, the EJAF supports thousands of men, women, and children with life-saving medication, as well as providing information, nutrition, education, shelter, and support.


This is HUGE.


The theme of the event this particular evening: love.


To quote Elton and David, “. . .If we have enough love and compassion to find the funding to make sure that no one gets left behind for HIV treatment or prevention, we can truly make the future HIV free in our lifetime.”


“. . .love and compassion. . .” 


Imagine that.


The reception, held next door to Windsor Castle, began at 6:30 P.M. on the 37-acre palatial estate known as ‘home’ to Sir Elton John and David Furnish. My girlfriend, Conny, and I were punctual. There is nothing fashionable about being fashionably late at this tremendous house party!


Once outside of the hustle and bustle of London we found ourselves in the quaint village of Old Windsor. As we drove past the Oxford Blue pub we waved to all the patrons outside who had gathered out front to wave to the cars passing by heading towards this event. The Elvis impersonator was a real stand-out.


At the time of our arrival, the mist that had threatened did indeed morph into rain showers. Our hosts were prepared for this and as we exited our hired car, we were met by men with oversized umbrellas who escorted us to the reception area where we were shown the coat check and given our table number.


With the first of our drinks in one hand and umbrellas in the other, we, along with several others made an attempt at strolling about the elegant grounds. There are several gardens and an 18th Century Orangerie to see, but we couldn’t really get any further than the Roman Terrace before the rains persuaded us to go back inside. Sheltered from the elements under a white mammoth canvassed dome, the well-heeled, the royal, and the celebrated from all over the world gathered to show their support for the foundation’s causes and to help raise funds for life-changing programs for the people suffering from or at risk of HIV/AIDS. They saw and were seen as they enjoyed the champagne reception featuring Grey Goose designer cocktails and delicate canapés.


The lavish dinner began shortly after 8. The menu:


‘Summer Garden’

a salad, consisting of Burrata, Barigoule Artichokes, Asparagus, Datterini Tomatoes, Rainbow Radish, Viola Flowers and Toasted Sunflower Seeds with just enough of a drizzle of Cabernet Sauvignon Dressing.


The main course: Milk Fed Lamb Noisette, 

accompanied by Kimichi William Pear, Carrot Confit, Smoked Potato and Summer Pea Puree, Olive Oil and White Wine Jus.


Desert:‘The Lovin’ Spoonful’ certainly didn’t disappoint.

It was deliciously presented as a Passion Fruit Bombe, with Lime Sugared Raspberries, Valrhona Caraïbe, Mango Sorbet, Honeycomb and Popping Candy.


Coffee, Tea and Petite Fours were served at the coffee station. Before the night was over, I saw that sliders (miniature burgers) were being served. I only remember thinking, “Tracie, don’t you dare! Enough is enough-even here!”


After dinner, the auction was held. Charlie Rose, the charming auctioneer of the evening, raised over 3 million British Pounds (over 4.5 million U.S. dollars)! Auctioned items included The Chopard Red Carpet Cannes Experience, a private styling session with Victoria Beckham, a luxurious Audi RS 6 Avant roadster, and several other exclusive Superbrand lots.


The night culminated with Coldplay performing and Sir Elton John joining in on a couple of songs himself. A highlight of the musical performances was when Elton and David announced Glee star Matthew Morrison’s engagement to his girlfriend, Renee Puente whereupon Elton and Coldplay singer Chris Martin serenaded the couple with Your Song. When all was said and done, streamers fell from the ceiling and as I said, there were those dang sliders and probably breakfast, which was served the last time I attended.


But alas it was 2 in the morning and our driver was outside waiting to drive us back into London town. The rains had finally stopped, but that was the last thing on my mind.


I was actually filled with awe for this man who could at this stage of the game just sit back on his laurels, but who instead has chosen the road of tenacity and dedication in heading the foundation that bears his name. I tried to imagine the number of lives he is personally responsible for saving.


“. . .love and compassion. . .” 


Imagine that.



The Loons…

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the passing of Steve Looney.  I joke that when I married him, with the last name, Looney, I should have known I was in for a wild and crazy ride.  Well, the ride that everyone enjoyed with Steve ended all too soon four years ago, however, his legacy and memory will never be forgotten.  Yes there are two Absolutes in life- Steve Looney and Vodka!

Please join our children, Stephanie, Brett, and Taryn and support his Endowed Seattle University Scholarship Fund for a deserving academic student.

We all love and miss The Loons, and as the photo our daughter, Taryn hangs in her room reads…




This scholarship is established by friends and family in honor of Steven D. Looney, SU Hall of Famer, who passed away  on March 27, 2017. Steve Looney was on the floor in 1966, the night Seattle University pulled a 74-72 win over previously undefeated Texas Western. It was the only loss for the first team using an all-black starting lineup to claim an NCAA basketball championship. Steve was considered an all-around athlete at Seattle’s Roosevelt High School who loved competition. He played football and baseball, yet basketball had a firm hold on him. He was twice named All-Metro and twice led the Roughriders into the state tournament. Mr. Looney was recruited by several West Coast colleges, Washington and UCLA among them, but chose Seattle U. because of its wide-open style. He averaged 11.6, 11.6 and 12.9 points per game in his three varsity seasons. He was inducted into the Seattle U Hall of Fame in 2013. Steve was a successful real-estate entrepreneur, owning and managing several apartment buildings for his former spouse’s family.

Scholarships shall be awarded to students who are enrolled as a full-time, undergraduate student at Seattle University, and are an active member of either the men’s or women’s Seattle University basketball team.

Donor Relations office. If you have questions, please contact Donor Relations at or 206-296-6965.

This post is also In Memory of Elgin Baylor, a Seattle U treasure RIP 3-22-21

I’m sure Steve and Elgin are watching March Madness:)