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I saw the strangest love story on Australia 60 Minutes yesterday.

Lured in by the title, ‘Rush of Love: The strangest love story you’ll ever see?’ as well as the location ( I didn’t know there was an Australia 60 Minutes) and the fact that 60 Minutes is one of my favorite investigative/interview television programs, I couldn’t wait to watch this show.

And it is strange indeed. 

 So before I go on, let’s take takes into consideration American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory of psychological health which is based on fulfilling our innate needs in priority resulting in self-actualization. 

His theory is easiest to understand in the form of a pyramid: at the base: our basic physiological needs like water and food; then up a notch to safety, psychological, esteem and at the summit of the pyramid are our self-fulfillment needs at which we achieve our fullest potential. 

So keeping this in mind, let’s go back to this strange love story. 

Nikki Butler is an attractive thirty-eight year old, mother of two going through a divorce. She is also a sophisticated, seriously high end London banker and lawyer. The man of her dreams and with whom she has fallen in love with and plans to marry is Australian Scott Rush. Scott is twenty-eight and lives in Bali. In a prison. He has been incarcerated for the last ten years for attempting to smuggle eight kilos of heroin out of the country and has been convicted for life. He was a drug addict. It is clear during the interview that he is not at himself and it is revealed that he is on methadone. Nikki supports Scott financially and he sluggishly says that Nikki is his “dream angel”.

Some things are so downright nonsensical that you cannot–cannot–I say, make them up. During the interview Nikki and Scott are affectionate and tender with each other and I just watched drop-jawed. I mean, why? If this wasn’t 60 Minutes I would think that this was all staged–or that we are all being punk’d. What could possibly drive her feelings of affection for this man? Where’s the hook?  

Take a look for yourself and let us menopausebarbees know what you think. 

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