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College Trippin’

I’ve seen the movies…
I’ve heard from family and friends…
But still after all the preparation over the past nearly 17 years, I found myself ill-equipped as my daughter and I ventured on our first College trip. My son’s father had the pleasure of this venture, so this was all new territory for me.

I call this College Trippin’, as I was trippin’ over the fact that Taryn, my womb mate who has morphed into my roommate is ready to leave the nest and fly on her own. Taryn’s desires were to check out of state schools. It was always my assumption that she would go to the UW. I am a Husky, my son was a Husky or that she would at least stay in Washington, and attend her father’s alma mater, Seattle University. I admittedly am the co-dependent and admittedly suffer separation anxiety. Although, Washington schools are still in consideration, we ventured out- Trippin’.

Trippin’ The competition has become fierce. When I enrolled in the University of Washington #@&^%) years ago, I went to the Equal Opportunity Office and was accepted with no questions asked. Now, academics, community outreach, extracurricular activities, athletics and experience are all a part of the process.

Trippin’ Financially!… When my parents sent me to the U W #$^&% years ago, the tuition as a resident was a whopping $3,000. The colleges we looked at were on average $45,000 – $68,000 and up!

Trippin’ Roomates… Looking at the small quarters of dorm life, where three students co-habitate, sharing a bathroom and each having her own twin bed, I visualzied Taryn doing some major down-sizing.

Trippin’ Bring it! The acceptance rate at UCLA, the highest applied college in the nation is 16%. We learned this research university is working on a cell phone that charges in your pocket. UCLA was a city within itself, 5 star restaurants, hair salon, bank, post office, they bring it! For all students looking to obtain scholarships at LMU, better get to grinding. The view on the banks of LMU was as stunning as the sunny climate- coming from Seattle- Taryn said, ‘Bring it!’ The average SAT score is 1300 and a GPA requirement of 3.6 – now remember, that’s just averages!
Chapman, with it’s proximity to Disneyland felt as magical.

After two hour tours respectfully through UCLA, LMU, and Chapman, we were exhausted, yet informed and to say the least optimistic of options, yet overwhelmed.
We learned about Early Decision, Early Action, Commitment Deadlines, Study Abroad, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Room and Board, Safety, Sports, Food and Fun.
We were fortunate to have dinner with my niece, Sydney, a gifted student at USC and hear about her experience in the Business School. We also met with a friend’s son, Robert at Chapman, a promising business major, (definitely on track to a bright future) who graciously gave us a behind the scenes look and a must visit to the Dodge Journalism School.

Everyone assures me, Taryn will end up where she is supposed to be.
But for now… I’m trippin’…