I’m still in awe of how she pulled it together…


This past year, we all faced a lockdown Pandemic and the mere thought of a social encounter was the farthest thing from our consciousness.

Four weeks ago, as more of our loved ones became vaccinated, there was a glimmer of hope.

To Party or Not to Party?  That became the question. However, a milestone birthday must be recognized and celebrated.  The party was on and it will continue all year!

Patti was born in North Africa and although you can take the girl out of Africa, you can never take the Africa out of the girl.  She has been to the continent over a dozen times since leaving there as a 2 day old infant.  So, although she never knew her biological parents, this strong blood and country is in her DNA.  So, she paid tribute to her heritage and customs of her mother land in honor of her fifth decade.

At the pre-party, we were treated to henna tattooing by Sarahenna on our hands.

First and foremost, the eyes eat too. The vibrant colors under the tented table were a feast.

The most talented and creative Alanda Kay made all the table arrangements and gifted them to the birthday girl.  These breathtaking florals were in one word STUNNING! The food was a Mediterranean feast with humous, and rice, and savory chicken kabobs and salads and dolmanes by Mediterranean Restaurant Bibi in Kirkland. There were large antique travel trunks, palm trees, 100’s of colorful lanterns, pillow, tablecloths and napkins in fuchsia, turquoise and orange, votives and gold genie lamps and chargers. There was even a full sized cutout of a camel which all came together by Lisa Burke from Make a Scene and Cort Rentals. Party Planner, Brittnie Wilkinson orchestrated all the moving pieces and made sure everything went as planned.

As the guests enjoyed signature cocktails entitled Stompin’ at the Savoy of tequila, soda grapefruit juice and Rosemary sprig and The Tigress made with vodka, soda, lemonade and mint, a Belly Dancer flowed through the tables to everyone’s pure enjoyment and delight.  After dinner, the DJ pumped the music playing all our old school favorites which had everyone on the sports court turned dance floor.  The host our dear friends, Mike and Susan Kropp treated the birthday girl to a most spectacular array of Fireworks which radiated over Lake Washington. Madison Park Bakery who never disappoints, duplicated a graphic of the birthday girl dressed in her custom attire.  The photo booth with an Arabian nights backdrop and Ellen Benezra, photographer, captured pictures as guests dined, danced, and drank. The rain had threatened, but it even knew better than to ruin such an epic night and not a drop fell.

As the evening drew to a close, all 90 guests received a parting gift.  They were guilded gold boxes. Once opened, there was a colorful map of Algeria and a heart on the small town Patti was born. Inside were beautifully decorated cookies in the shape of camels and shapes with colorful henna, a genie candle and a jar of sesame seeds w/card explaining the meaning of Open Sesame along with a note of thanks.


That’s the Backstory of how to throw a 50th in less than 30 days!

Patti asked all guest to wear color and what a beautiful array it was!


As night fell, the seats were vacated for the dance floor which of course included a Belly Dancer!

Happy 50th to our  amirat jamila – beautiful princess!