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Style for a Cause! Treehouse Annual Gift Drive

She’s got style…

I truly believe when our mama was born at St. Luke’s Hospital on the South Side of Chicago, the nurse put on a Dolce Gabbana Diaper and swaddled her in a Gucci blanket!

Long before these designer labels became household names, mama just had a knack for embracing style.

This year, as a twist on my annual Shop for a Cause Toy and gift drive for children in Foster care, we are recycling style!  Please mark your calendars, grab friends, and come make everything old new again!

Ladies and Gents- all are welcome!


Thursday December 6, 2018

Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique

2121 1st Avenue Suite 101  Seattle, WA 98121  6-9 pm

You will be treated to cocktails, light bites, my favorite DJ Hitman Craig King, raffle drawings and more!

Just bring any NEW unwrapped toy, clothes, books or any gifts to brighten a Foster Child’s Holiday!

And you might even walk away with a designer piece from Mama’s Closet!

Monday Motivation in Something for Your Toolbox

Something for Your Toolbox

Rewind, relax and recharge. Peaceful weekend everybody.

The Pride of Prep

It is said, parent’s take too much credit for their children’s success

and too much blame for their struggles…

As I sat at the annual Swim Awards banquet at Seattle Prep this past Tuesday and my daughter received the first inaugural award entitled the Pride of Prep – I couldn’t take credit as the grit, hard work, chilled pool daily practice and dedication was all on her.

The Pride of Prep award which has the winner’s name engraved on a plaque will be on display outside the new lobby of the gym will be Taryn’s legacy as she graduates next year.


The coach shared the qualities of leadership, initiative and good judgement have been upheld with the physical, moral, and mental aptitude and she has been able to effectively lead, with respect for herself and  others.

The foundation of leadership, loyalty, selflessness, academic work load, family and community service are integral components for the recipient of this award.

As St. Ignatius said, “They will go forth and set the world on fire!”

Go Taryn!  We couldn’t be more proud of you xoxo


Life is (Not) a Drag: Manuela Mock in the (Wednesday) menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight

The menopausebarbee website was undergoing an update Monday, so the monopausebarbee Monday Spotlight is shining today. I couldn’t let this go–the message is a good one.

Shining in the Wednesday menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight is a woman who’s been living on her own since she was 15. 

Leaving her hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany with no money and not exactly sure where she was going, she discovered a drag queen club in Frankfurt, Germany. She loved it. Went there every night and eventually the men who freely expressed themselves as women on stage came to love her too. The club owner offered her a job. For a time she served drinks and made the most money she’d ever seen. Eventually, she sang on the club stage–the only woman amongst the other artists. She’d found her new home. 

And today, Manuela Mock is known as the Princess of Frankfurt. To me, she is the Queen of Cool. I visited het last week in her store, Transnormal (  Transnormal is the first woman’s boutique for men in Frankfurt. Her clients come from all over the world and from all walks of  life: doctors, lawyers, really anyone who wants to freely express, explore and give life to his inner self. These men love her and she loves them. During my visit, she had a client from Austria. He walked in dressed as a woman–Manuela had  put together his outfit that morning. We greeted each other and then he headed towards a dressing room. He changed clothes and emerged from the room dressed as he’d come in–as a man. 

He embraced Manuela, we said our goodbyes and with that he was gone. Wearing a . . . smile.

And this is what I love about Manuela: there is absolutely no room for judgment of anyone in her life. She doesn’t mess with anybody and she doesn’t want to be messed with. She fills a need. She makes someone else feel good. She’s creative as well as generous. To see her many pictures and objets d’art in her store is a treat in itself. My eyes widened and I screamed when I saw a miniature beautifully ornamented antique Bible. “Take it ,” she said. Just like that. (I wanted to, but Mama raised me better than that.)

Manuela Mock lives and let’s live–a true free spirit; a real breath of fresh air. You don’t see this so often. She is blessed in so many ways. Her vibe is real and contagious and a good one. So here’s the bottom line message:

We all have the right to live our best lives–regardless of our lifestyle choices–as long as we aren’t hurting anyone. So just be kind! It doesn’t cost anything! Be generous! Maybe it will cost you a Bible but hey–that’s okay! Just imagine if every single one of us would forego the frazzle, the feuding, the firearms and the foolery going on in our world today, and just live and let live. 

What a wonderful world it would be. Manuela, you are ahead of the times. 

And that is why you are shining in the menopausebarbee Spotlight.

Shine on girl!



Lying, Cheating, Stealing…Loving

Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Loving..

I awoke this morning and the remnants of my affair glared back at me.  Guilt consumed me as I shamefully tried to justify my actions.

Why does the temptation relentlessly attack me at night?  The urge is so over-powering, I am left weakened and defenseless to any measure of will power.

It summons me.  It makes me leave the sanctuary of my cozy bed.  I brave the chill of the hardwood floors.  I scurry- Dateline, my favorite “Who Done It” would resume in 3o sections.

So, here I am, once again…

LYING to my lower half which I affectionately refer to as “My Kim Kardashian”.- One little bowl ain’t gonna hurt!  I will ask Santa for a stronger pair of Spanx this Christmas.

CHEATING I deserve it.  I had a sensible dinner, and no wine! Even though I am reversing the effects of the exercise and cup match of tennis I  rallied in earlier, at least I did something!

STEALING the last scoop from my daughter, who was feverishly studying in the adjacent room.  I hope she doesn’t hear me as I gently close the freezer door.

But most of all I find myself LOVING every morsel of the chocolate chip mint that melts in my mouth.  The distinct, delicious combo of the chip and mint, I  devour as I’m back snuggled in for the completion of my show.

Ah, the sweet life!  Somethings are worth the guilt of lying, cheating and stealing.


Today, the menopausebarbees salute all of the women who ran in the U.S. 2018 midterm elections. Deep in my heart, I believe that  those of you who won your seat at the table did so because you were the better candidate. Nonetheless, you are women! You serve your country during the day and some of you change diapers at night. You are breaking barriers, breaking ground, setting records, making history and making us proud.

And ladies, that is a win for all of us.


Talented and Troubled… A Champion Who Kept Fighting til the End

Talented and Troubled…

The offspring and I headed to Ipix Theater in Redmond this past Sunday and cranked up Bohemian Rhapsody on the I phone to prepare for the movie about the band, Queen.

My heart warms that music transcends generations and we could recite the lyrics to Another One Bites the Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Killer Queen.

Although many critics panned the flick, I walked away feeling moved by Freddie Mercury, a true talented, yet troubled soul.  I laughed at his line when a reporter asked why he didn’t fix his front bucked teeth and he said, ‘I’m British, I don’t want to stick out!’  There were several self deprecating humorous captures throughout this journey.   Freddie Mercury was a curious, funny, pained, tortured, talented, troubled soul.  He proved in spite of it all – he was The Champion and kept fighting til’ the End.

  My sister, Menopausebarbee co-blogger Tracie and I in front of Freddie Mercury tribute statue in his adopted city of Montreux, Switzerland.

Freddie Mercury: All Hail the Queen

Have you watched Bohemian Rapsody yet? Queen frontman Freddie Mercury grew up in a faraway land with no idea of what he was capable of and who he would become. This is his story.

Posted by Life Stories on Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nathalie Funke Shining in the menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight

Shining today in the menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight is a young woman who has deeply impressed me. I hope to be proven wrong, but she seems to be truly a rarity in our world today. 

I don’t know Nathalie Funke very well, but what I do know is that for the past ten years, she has devoted herself to the Ronald McDonald House of Cologne, Germany. She started when she was just a baby at the tender age of just twenty-two. The Ronald McDonald House for which I volunteer, provides a home atmosphere and support for fifteen families whose children are under medical care in the adjoining children’s clinic. Opened in April 2009, the RMH supports four hundred families yearly and Nathalie was here at the beginning.

“On my first day here, the house had just opened. It was furnished, but there was no structure, no families, no decoration–no life. I remember going into the city and buying flowers and doing so much to get the apartments prepared for the families. Today, there are 62 volunteers and we have supported over 3000 families. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together.” 

That’s Nathalie. 

She has decided after ten years, to move on and see the world; give some time to herself so that she can catch up on all she’s missed. After all, if not now when? 

So last week about sixty or so of us gathered at the RMH to celebrate this young woman with homemade soups, quiches, sandwiches, chocolate fondue, cakes, cookies, gifts and cheer, albeit tinged with a bit of sadness. Nathalie will be missed.

And Nathalie had something for all of us: Merci chocolates sticks on which she took the time to write our names and what she thought about each of us. On mine she wrote: Super Woman. So incredibly thoughtful.

That’s Nathalie. 

She has given the RMH her heart and soul and I must say that it is so inspiring to see a young woman not engrossed with posing nearly naked on social media and doing it “for the (insta) gram,” as they say. It makes me take pause to open my eyes to see that there still really are selfless people in the world who are loving and generous and thoughtful with purpose. And that purpose is not for their gain, but for the gain of others. As I said in the beginning of this post, I hope to be proven wrong, but she seems to be truly a rarity in our world today. 

Nathalie, here’s to you. We all are wishing for you your best life. 

Shine on!

Laughing with You or At You? MenoPAUSE Moment Re-vistited.


With the recent hysteria outfall of Meghan Kelly’s comment surrounding the question of Black Face being appropriate for Halloween, I was reminded of an incident I am re-posting.

Dana: “Tracie, did you hear our friend Nicolette gave up drinking?”
Tracie: ” No way, she loved to get her drink on. Why did she stop?”
Dana: “She stopped drinking because she said it was really affecting her legs.
Tracie: “Her legs??? What happens to her legs, do they swell?”
Dana: “No! They spread.”
I love a good laugh, especially when the punch-line is funny.
Humor, like art is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, sometimes ignorance is as well.
A few weeks ago, I attended a holiday party. As I nestled in a fabulous, warm home, surrounded by long time friends, acquaintances and some new intros, we toasted the year in recap and discussed 2016.
I sipped my wine and let the sights, smells, and sounds from the piano player fill my soul with the spirit of the season. As I glanced over my shoulder, new guests arrived and I literally did a double take. I held up my glass of vino- it was only my first, was it spiked? I had to be seeing things. Realizing I was completely sober, I reasoned we had to be a part of the ABC television program, “What Would You Do” and the cameras must be hidden. I sat my glass down as I whispered to one of my best girlfriends, Patti, “A man just walked in here in black face.” Patti turned aghast at the sight and studied the man and said, Nooooo way. I shook my head in disbelief. Then Patti reasoned maybe he had that skin disorder Vitiligo. My impatience waned as I made my way to get a closer view. Sure enough his blue eyes sparkled through the black cream paint he had smeared across his face and neck. Under his hat, he donned an Afro wig. I’m generally never at a loss for words, but when he approached me, all I could muster was,
What are you thinking???? He laughed and shared that in honor of what would have been Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, he decided to dress as part of the Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr. He proceeded to ask me why I found his get up offensive.
I decided to be a true MenoPAUSEbarbee and take a time out to pause and reflect.
How in 2015 could ignorance prevail that a successful, commercial real estate businessman would consider going out in black face? In addition to what I expressed that night, I would like to tell Mr. Black face the following:
Here are some quick facts that you should know about the history of black face and why it’s never alright to slather your face with the nearest charcoal, brown paint or MAC foundation and expect us to laugh. Black face originated in the 1820s during minstrel shows where white men would portray plantation slaves and free blacks. These caricatures were used to make a mockery out of black people and eventually, this portrayal led to Americans believing that anyone with brown skin subscribed to these stereotypes.
After nearly two centuries worth of negative stereotypes and images of black people in America, it’s important to note, we’ve come a long way. However, making fun of pain and anguish of ANY human suffering is no laughing matter.

I suppose Meghan Kelly find out the hard way.