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Something for Your Toolbox

You are your own greatest asset. There is NOTHING you cannot do. Believe it.

Du selbst sind dein größtes Kapital. Es gibt nichts, was du nicht tun kannst. Glaub daran.



I started to call this post, ‘He Suffered in Silence’.  However, the more I read and heard the daily headline news about this iconic actor, I believe he suffered in resilience.

From the time Chadwick Boseman received financial assistance from actor, Denzel Washington to attend the prestigious British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer program, he was irrepressible.

I have watched each character that Chadwick Boseman painstakingly brought to life. In 42, he honored the resilience of Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play in Major League Baseball in 1947.  The film is a brutal reminder of the not so distant past of how one man took death threats, vicious attacks, and racial slurs while integrating America’s favorite past time – RESILIENT.

As Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court Justice,  he chronicles a 1941 case in which Marshall, then an NAACP attorney, defends a chauffeur falsely accused of raping a white socialite, who was also his employer.  He was acquitted.  RESILIENT.

In James Brown, Boseman brought the Godfather of Soul to life.  Even though he initially declined the script, it was one month before 42 was set to hit theaters.  However, Boseman, ‘Got up off of that thang’, and reincarnated Brown in the most profound depiction, even capturing his raspy voice to a T- RESILIENT

Who then I ask was better suited to play T’Challa / Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Boseman brought us through so many decades of resilience, in sports, music, and justice, that he was perfectly cast in Black Panther.  Panthers by definition  are known as extremely rare and beautiful breeds.

Chadwick Boseman – Rare, Beautiful, Resilient.

We thank you for your courage, creativity, and sharing your craft.  God Bless

Stamp out a Dismal Future

Please pay attention. 

I found this mail-in voting information here:  This data will be updated frequently as we get closer to voting time. 

There are two things we can do to support mail-in voting:


#2: Help ease the load on our postal workers and their systems.  

From now until election day, do not send a birthday card, a love letter, a congratulatory or condolence card, no candy, no food–nothing of that nature. We can use twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever media you use for connecting and expressing our feelings. Cell phones, push-button, maybe even a rotary is out there somewhere. Order from the comfort of your home only the essentials.

Our postal workers are overwhelmed and we must help them out.

The Covid-19 pandemic has flooded post offices and shipping stores with packages, mail, and new customers  (folks buying items they can no longer get in stores anymore), leading to difficult working conditions for employees and long lines for customers. An increase in package volume, of course, means more heavy lifting for clerks and carriers, which will leave them more exhausted at the end of each day–and you want your vote counted. 

So this is NOT business as usual, and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Make that extra effort. Our lives and those of our children and future generations depend on it.

Please, please support our delivery workers. Receiving mail can be fun. But NOT now. Send as little as possible through the postal service and mindful after the election–be considerate of our postal workers who are indeed essential workers.

This is our new normal. 

Let’s all get together and do what we can to stamp out a dismal future. #goodtrouble #vote

Happy Birthday Dani!! xoxoxo

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby sister Dana!!

The value of our affection is like nothing else on earth. I am blessed and I love her dearly!!!❤️🎂😘🥳🍾🍷

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2020-02, Dana and Tracie F.
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Secrets Worth Sharing…Thanks Mayumi!

I have known Mayumi for many years. Mayumi represents everything we Menopausebarbees believe, and she epitomizes our slogan, “We are getting older, but we are still dolls!”  As a peer, I have watched her in every stage of life. From a model, I first saw at Jeri Rice Boutique at The Fairmont Hotel,  to wife, mother, match maker, business entrepreneur and champion for many. This past January, we met up at our favorite bar, The 520 to celebrate Mayumi’s birthday.

As always, I was in awe of her radiant spirit. But, this particular visit, her energy was bigger than ever (that’s saying a lot) and her body was smaller and more toned and fit than ever. I asked how she did it and thankfully now in her book, we can all know the secrets to looking and feeling our best. Mayumi has always been transparent, but I was truly blown away at the raw truth behind her struggle to get where she is today. As I read, I marveled at the commitment, tenacity, and dedication that Mayumi demonstrates to live and look and feel her best. She lives by my favorite quote, “Success only comes before Work in the Dictionary.” Congrats Mayumi, a must read for EveryBody! You worked it out! xoxo

Now…if I could just give up that wine (lol)



Thieves in the Night •••• Diebe in der Nacht

Thieves in the Night

It’s been five months– one hundred and fifty-four days – three thousand six hundred and seventy-one hours – two hundred and twenty thousand two hundred and sixty minutes since the night when three Louisiana police used a battering ram to break into the home of the sleeping twenty-six-year-old Breonna Taylor. She was no doubt trying to get that good sleep, knowing she had to get up and go to work the following morning as an E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician). Maybe she was dreaming of her planned lifelong career in health care after serving her time as an E.M.T. –mapping out her path to becoming a nurse and starting a family thereafter…

The deafening crack of thunder ripped through her bedroom as the officers pulled their triggers once… twice…three…four…five…six…seven…eight; eight times they popped shots into Breonna’s body, killing her. In her bed.  As she slept.

The police’s incident report listed Breonna’s injuries as “none.”

One of the officers, Brett Hankison, was fired. The other officers involved in the case — Jon Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove — have been placed on administrative reassignment. None of the officers face criminal charges.

The pandemic has overrun this tragedy in the news–but we cannot be silent. The family has hired an attorney. I pray to God that these men are brought to justice for stealing this woman’s life. If we are allowed to steal from one another indiscriminately, human society would perish. Facts.

Whatever megaphone or loudspeaker you have access to, please use it so that at the very least, this young woman and her legacy can rest in peace. No effort is too small.

Peaceful, I mean seriously peaceful weekend everybody.







Diebe in der Nacht

Es sind fünf Monate – einhundertvierundfünfzig Tage – dreitausendsechshunderteinundsiebzig Stunden – zweihundertzwanzigtausendzweihundertsechzig Minuten seit der Nacht vergangen, in der drei Polizisten aus Louisiana mit einem Rammbock in das Haus der schlafenden sechsundzwanzigjährigen Breonna Taylor einbrachen. Sie versuchte zweifellos, diesen guten Schlaf zu bekommen, da sie wusste, dass sie am nächsten Morgen aufstehen und als E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) zur Arbeit gehen musste. Vielleicht träumte sie von ihrer geplanten lebenslangen Karriere im Gesundheitswesen, nachdem sie ihre Zeit als E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) abgesessen hatte – und stellte sich ihren Weg vor, Krankenschwester zu werden und danach eine Familie zu gründen…

Der ohrenbetäubende Donnerschlag riss durch ihr Schlafzimmer, als die Offiziere einmal… zweimal… drei… vier… fünf… fünf… sechs… sieben… acht Mal abdrückten; achtmal warfen sie Schüsse in den Körper von Breonna und töteten sie. In ihrem Bett.  Während sie schlief.

Im Polizeibericht werden die Verletzungen von Breonna mit “keine” angegeben.

Einer der Beamten, Brett Hankison, wurde gefeuert. Die anderen in den Fall verwickelten Beamten – Jon Mattingly und Myles Cosgrove – wurden administrativ versetzt. Keiner der Offiziere wird strafrechtlich angeklagt.

Die Pandemie hat diese Tragödie in den Nachrichten überrollt – aber wir können nicht schweigen. Die Familie hat einen Anwalt beauftragt. Ich bete zu Gott, dass diese Männer für den Diebstahl des Lebens dieser Frau zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden. Wenn es uns erlaubt wird, wahllos voneinander zu stehlen, würde die menschliche Gesellschaft untergehen. Die Fakten.

Zu welchem Megaphon oder Lautsprecher Sie auch immer Zugang haben, bitte benutzen Sie es, damit zumindest diese junge Frau und ihr Vermächtnis in Frieden ruhen können. Keine Anstrengung ist zu gering.

Friedlich, ich meine ernsthaft ein friedliches Wochenende für alle.







Dating in the Pandemic = A Damn Panic!

Today, I’ve decided to take a break from politics. For those who responded overwhelmingly in agreement to my post on Chief Carmen Best resigning, and the undeserving and unjust treatment for her tremendous service, we thank you.  Our disappointment with our City Council is something we Washington state residents must address. On the national front, as my sister and co-blogger posted yesterday, YES, GO Kamala Harris, the first Black and Asian American Woman to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket!

Today, I’m turning my attention to another Pandemic which is defined as a disease prevalent over the world. I see it in Cologne, Germany where my sister resides.  I see it in Los Angeles, where my cousins live.  I see it in cities I love to travel, from New York, Nashville, Chicago, Scottsdale, and my hometown, Seattle.  This disease affects all ages, races, demographics, and sexes.  This disease as my friend, artist Patti Austin recently called is a damn panic and I liken that to dating during Corona Virus. As if dating pre-Covid 19 wasn’t challenging enough.

I am my sister’s keepers.  I can’t help it, it’s just the DNA of DaNA.  I feel very fortunate that I have a partner, however, I can’t  help but have compassion for those trying to date in these challenging times. The other night, I visited dear friends, Susan and Mike Kropp, which I introduced after being seated next to Mike on a flight from Seattle to Sun Valley. They are happily married, and truly meant for one another.  They have traveled the world and are soul mates. And this was all based on a fateful flight, where I pestered Mike to get off the plane and meet us at a bar.  But now, as the reality of quarantine, face mask, social distancing, and work from home are  a part of our “new normal”, how are singles supposed to meet and connect?

I came of age in the 90’s during the AIDS epidemic.  I recall numerous visits with friends awaiting fretfully for results after intimate encounters.  These days a drink and a sneeze could put you in the ER, and  your health at risk!   Even during non Pandemic times, finding your significant other is like finding a needle in a haystack.  As I navigate the dating sites with my single friends, too many are un-masked and like this photo live in a broken down trailer and say they like to travel.

So, today, I am asking you to be your brother’s and sister’s keepers.  Remember that these times are very lonely for many home quarantined and social distanced.  If you have single friends make that connection.  I do and I am, so feel free to inbox me and I’ll play cupid!  I don’t care what your sexual preference is,  LOVE IS LOVE and we all could use a lot now.



I’m gonna be brief. Gotta make up for my fun time on the carousel yesterday.

When Democrats officially nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris later this month, she will be the first Black woman and first Asian American to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket.  And though some say that her record isn’t perfect, when you really think about it, none of our leaders’ records are perfect. So regardless of which side of the aisle you stand, the truth is that we are standing smack dab in the middle of a momentous moment of history in the making! 

Black Americans (and other minorities) and women have always and still are fighting for ‘the equal opportunity’; to struggle our way out from beneath the limited confines of the oppressor. Did you all hear about the passing recently of black female civil rights activist Mimi Jones? She was 17 years old when she and other civil rights activists leaped into a Whites only pool, in St. Augustine Florida when the motel’s manager came and dumped a jug of acid in the water. Florida. Hot. Swim. Fun. Acid. Really?

I just do not know where people find the wherewithal to be so evil.  And I don’t want to know. 

I do believe and profoundly hope that when elected, Biden/Harris will begin to heal our nation. From the devastation of the virus to systemic racism, from the economic collapse to the ever-looming climate crisis, hopefully, these two leaders will lift us up together toward a new future (which is Hallelujah exciting), and restore integrity, dignity, and compassion in the White House.

If we don’t have hope, we have nothing–and now, we could very well be on the cusp of having something we’ve heretofore only dreamed of. Finally.

Let’s not muddy the race by making it a race or genitalia issue.







Happy Birthday to the One and Only Ms. Patti Austin!

In honor of her birthday today, I’m sharing the post I wrote last year for this amazing woman last year. Happy Birthday to the one and only Ms. Patti Austin!

Met on a Monday, Married the next Sunday and Stayed Together Fifty Years: Ms Patti Austin in the Menooausebarbee Monday Spotlight!

She can sing, she can sing, goodness gracious can she sing!

Her voice is like velvet, silky smooth, strong, delicate, and sultry all at once.

I’m talking about the Grammy Award-winning singer Ms. Patti Austin.

Thinking back on her concert with the WDR Big Band at the sold-out Philharmonie Hall Friday not too long ago, I’m remembering my moments of befuddlement. And yes, I mean moments as in plural, for this happened a couple of times. The concert featured the songs of the late great Cole Porter. My confusion happened at certain moments during Patti’s renditions when I couldn’t distinguish her voice from the note being played on the trombone. They were fused. I honestly couldn’t tell where one instrument started and the other stopped. This not only held me spellbound, it amazed me. She told me that her father, a jazz musician, had encouraged her as a young girl of 4 years of age to sing what she heard as he played the trombone.

Indeed, her love of music did begin at a very early age. Her doting parents who met on a Monday, married the next Sunday and stayed together fifty years, were very hands-on, never allowed her to have a baby sitter and constantly encouraged her creativity. Music was played from the moment she woke up until she went to bed at night and she got it all “ from Stravinsky to Ellington to Patsy Kline.

An average day saw a little Patti playing in the garage, which had been renovated into her playhouse, with her dolls and toys, singing along to the songs from her parents’ vast music collection –her favorites were hits from Broadway shows, like ‘Kiss Me Kate’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’. She was no bigger than a doll herself at the time! Think about that!

Patti studied opera between the ages of seventeen and twenty – that’s about the extent of her formal training so one can safely say that she is simply vocally blessed. She surely works at it, but she is nonetheless blessed. She is also fortunate to have had among her mentors, the one and only Ms. Dinah Washington, Sammy Davis Jr. and Menopausebarbee uncle music maestro Quincy Jones.

Whether it be Rhythm & Blues, Pop, Soul, Jazz, or classical music, Patti delivers, crossing all the music genres and she doesn’t just sing songs – she interprets the lyrics in such a way that you believe her when she sings. She puts what I call that Patti Pizzazz on it. And thankfully she needs neither theatrics nor stage woo hah to distract you from savoring her talents. It’s a purely pleasurable experience.

One of the kindest and most engaging people you’ll ever meet, I asked Patti what message she’d like to share with our Menopausebarbee readers and she said, “Be who you are because you are magnificent. . . Women can only spread goodness and kindness. . . We have got to get inside ourselves and understand the power we can truly have over people. . . We shouldn’t just raise our children, we must elevate them.”

Amen to that.

I would highly recommend getting your Monday off to a good start and youtube her singing one of my favorites: ‘Quincy Jones featuring Patti Austin Razzamatazz’ .

While you’re at it just go ahead and get your groove on with ‘Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me’ and then you must listen to her duet with James Ingraham, that classic love ballad ‘Baby Come to Me’ and then there’s ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, ‘Anyway You Can’ and the list goes on and on.

Start your week off on a good note. Enjoy!