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We Need our PPE and PPV!!

People, we are, as I write this, 5 days out. 

Everyone knows that this election will go down in history as the most important in our life times.

Because of the pandemic, this is one of the biggest vote by mail elections we’ve had in recent history. 

Not any more. 

The post office has been sabotaged with cost-cutting and reduced overtime measures to slow the mail. Day before yesterday, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said: “It is too late to rely on U.S. Postal Service for absentee ballots. Citizens who already have an absentee ballot should sign the back of the envelope and hand-deliver it to their city or township clerk’s office or ballot drop-box as soon as possible. Voters who haven’t received their ballot should go to their clerk’s office to request it in person. They can fill it out, sign the envelope and submit it all in one trip.”

Along with this, further shameful suppression tactics such as limiting the places where voters can exercise their right to vote have been reduced and or eliminated. Case in point: Texas, where Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued a directive a few weeks before the start of the early legislative period calling on districts to remove additional mailboxes ALREADY INSTALLED, forcing Harris County, home to 5 million people, to move from 12 locations to just one.  Imagine that.

Sabotage abounds. Bottom line is that it is highly probable that some votes will be scrutinized for imperfections that will render them invalid. Anything can happen, so PLEASE don’t become complacent. 

My shout out today is if you know someone or know someone who knows someone in any of these states let them know that they must bring their votes in IN PERSON if they are to be counted: Michigan, where 1 million votes are still out; Wisconsin 600,000; Pennsylvania, over a million; North Carolina, 637,000; Arizona over 1 million; Florida 2 million.

The clock is ticking and our time is limited. We must see to it that all our votes are counted! So mask up and get in line. This is disgraceful and deplorable, but we have to do what we have to do. Help your neighbor get to a polling station if you can. Now, with Covid wreaking more havoc in our lives than ever, we need PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) and PPV (Patience, Perseverance, and our Vote)!!

Look at this picture. We have come a long way, but clearly, we have a long way to go. Let’s look at our history and be inspired by the strength of those who stood in line before us.