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Wake Up Everybody! Stop Fussin Start C.U.S.S.I.N

I hope we never get to the point in life where we accept the intolerable.  I’m talking about that tipping point when you’ve had enough and you are forced to stand your ground and say THIS IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE MY NEW NORMAL!

Music is timeless and as I awoke this morning, my Menopausebarbee mind took me back to 1975.  The song by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes with Teddy Pendergrass, WAKE UP EVERYBODY was playing in my head.  Please take a moment and read the lyrics at the end of this post and put a little soul in your ears and take a listen.

I had that moment of revelation to WAKE UP yesterday, on a raining, blustery, Sunday afternoon as I with my mother in the passenger seat went up to Safeway on Capital Hill.  We were shopping for household staples and hoped to navigate our “new normal,” keeping Covid-free  as we  donned masks, and sanitized our carts, and social distanced.   As we pulled onto 15th and John street, to the same Safeway store we have shopped at for years, across the street from Group Health Hospital where my siblings and I were born, I was once again infuriated.  (See pics) Perhaps it was the visual from my mother paying witness to the foul, putrid odor and scenery seeing that she is not out as frequently as I am that it hit me.  As I surveyed the park where hospital employees used to eat lunch, and children used to run and frolic and  now it was displaced by overrun trash, human feces, tents turned to permanent housing, and empty alcohol bottles and yes hypodermic needles, I said to myself ENOUGH.  WAKE UP EVERYBODY! THIS IS NOT O.K.

I literally fumed as I thought the acronym, STOP FUSSIN and START CUSSIN- CLEAN UP SEATTLE START IT NOW!

I have empathy.  We need help, housing, and health for the ill.  As winter sets in, it sickens me even more to see the last, lonely, and lost pitch up a tent, trailer, or towel and call it home. The filth is unbearable and intolerable.  DO YOU HEAR ME CITY COUNCIL?  This is SEATTLE. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

We’ve lost so much Seattle.  The Elephant Car Wash to Restaurants, Hotels, and so many livelihoods.

Today, I’m asking for a Task Force.  Let’s pull our resources, ideas, contacts, and skills together and bring back the city we all love.  It is the Emerald City, but this ain’t Oz.

Email, inbox, call, text, and post here- any ideas are welcome!

Start C.U.S.S.I.N. and WAKE UP Today!

Wake Up Everybody

Wake up everybody no more sleepin in bed
No more backward thinkin time for thinkin ahead
The world has changed so very much
From what it used to be so
there is so much hatred war an’ poverty
Wake up all the teachers time to teach a new way
Maybe then they’ll listen to whatcha have to say
Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up and the world is in their hands
when you teach the children teach em the very best you can

The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me

Wake up all the doctors make the ol’ people well
They’re the ones who suffer an’ who catch all the hell
But they don’t have so very long before the Judgement Day
So won’tcha make them happy before they pass away
Wake up all the builders time to build a new land
I know we can do it if we all lend a hand
The only thing we have to do is put it in our mind
Surely things will work out they do it every time

The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me