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Seattle listen up!

As a lifelong Seattleite, I can attest, I’m saddened by the current state of our Emerald City.

I grew up in the C.D., and it was common to walk from my grade school St Therese to home.  Often, I would take a detour and head down Madrona Drive along Lake Washington.  As I entered the high school years, the number 48 bus would carry me to Blanchet, until I was licensed and could drive myself down the I-5 freeway. I spent many days on the Ave during my years at The University of Washington.  Thirty years ago, after joining our family real estate investment business, we decided to maintain a business post office downtown. We reasoned we could have an escape from our home office and enjoy the sights and perhaps sneak in a little retail therapy or have lunch at the Public Market.

Unfortunately, today, the sights of all my beloved neighborhoods are a distant memory of my youth.  The Central Area recently had a shooting in broad daylight where an innocent two year old little girl was shot outside of Walgreens.  Yesterday, my friend’s car was stolen from an auto shop.  After she posted the theft on Next Door, a video was captured of the thieves in a chase with the police driving her wrecked SUV into fences and over barriers in an attempted getaway.  Homeless campsites are rampant from the parks I used to frolic to the freeways which carried me to my destinations. Now on a walk downtown, be it on 4th Avenue or to the Public Market, the stench of urine violates my sense of smell as I pass homeless after homeless taking shelter in doorways of once vibrant store shops.  As a housing provider, I have to assuage my residents fears as drug addicts leave used needles and lurk the grounds seeking shelter late at night.  I personally witnessed one vagrant defecate on the steps of one of my properties. We have had to remove squatters from security interior entry halls, laundry rooms, and in basements of properties where homeless have taken shelter.   We have had to increase lighting, security cameras, and monitoring, however, inevitably, the clean up cycle continues.

It is depressing.

I know that I am not alone.  I have talked with numerous friends and community members who are fed up.  When you dial 911, it’s for real.  When my friend’s car was stolen or that innocent baby was shot, a call to the police was needed, not a social worker. When my team and I are forced often daily to pick up drug paraphernalia, we don’t want to risk our health.   When we go on a walk, we deserve the right to enjoy the scenery and not dodge homeless tents or constantly worry about safety.

My son and business partner, Brett and I were fortunate to have a Zoom call with City Council  candidate, Sara Nelson.  I immediately felt a sense of connectivity when we met.  Sara and I are near the same age, business women, mothers of two children and very concerned about the condition and future of our city.  Her platform addresses the facts:

The current approach on housing the homeless is not working. We need policies that provide housing to the unsheltered while restoring our public spaces.  Neighborhood small businesses are still struggling. We desperately need the return of clean, safe neighborhoods.

As a black business woman who houses a diverse demographic, including those at risk, some elderly, and  low income and as a life long Seattle resident, I couldn’t agree more!

Sara’s opponent is a proponent of defunding the police and believes the City of Seattle should create a fund to support people who use the parks for housing.

The choice is simple.


No one should live like this and far too many are.

The time to speak up is now.  We need our voices heard!

Sara Nelson is our only choice for City Council Position 9!

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