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Two Burning Questions

I woke up this Friday morning with questions on my mind. 

Is my grocery list complete–shall I just run down the street to the store or shall I drive over to the German version of Costco? Laundry: today or tomorrow morning? Shall I get in some outdoor exercise and walk down to the Rhine River? Will the Covid vaccine save us all? How many things can I get done in my apartment under five minutes that will give me a general sense of calm upon completion? How can I show an act of kindness today–either online or masked up face-to-face. Do I really feel like dealing with all my paperwork? The list goes on….

But! I was, still am and no doubt will continue to be agitated by two burning questions.

I have been, to a degree, following the trial for justice for the murder of George Floyd. Yesterday, the scientific testimonies of experts Dr. Martin Tobin and Dr. Bill Smock were more than transfixing; they were simply torturing. We all saw the video. We all saw the life squashed out of this man. What may have escaped us in watching the general horror of it all were the small details. For example, in a picture piece of evidence, Dr. Tobin circled the foot of Chauvin showing that he actually lifted his foot away from the ground revealing that he was purposefully pushing, pushing his full weight onto Mr. Floyd. This monster Chauvin is diabolical. 

So my burning questions are:

 Number 1: George was on the ground, handcuffed, doing everything within his might to breathe– and for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds–even after life had left George, Chauvin didn’t let up. WHAT WAS HE and the OTHER OFFICERS WAITING FOR? They obviously didn’t need any back up so WHAT WERE THEY WAITING FOR?? Think about it! 

Secondly: What in the actual name of all that is right and just could Chauvin be writing so busily, so diligently, so intensely–regardless of who is speaking??? Could he be drawing? Doodling? Writing his penance? Promising God that he’ll never ever again slowly, intently, and nonchalantly kill anyone again?

Three Our Fathers and Three Hail Marys scribbled over and over and over again will not save his depraved murderous soul…

I guess I’ll start with that walk. I need a breath of fresh air. 

Peaceful weekend everybody. 

No matter what happens, don’t forget to BREATHE.