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True Fashion Never Goes out of Fashion..It’s the Fabric of our Lives

It’s Flashback Friday, and I couldn’t think of a better share today than the history of the 1970s and 1980s fashion after watching the Prime documentary, Halston.

If you love great style, do yourself a favor, click on Netflix’s rebirth of one of America’s great designers, Halston and grab your popcorn.  Some icons are so great, they only need one name, and such was the case of Roy HALSTON Frowick.  His couture which included ready to wear, fragrances, accessories and house wears was and is a legendary powerhouse.

Halston rose to fame in the 1970’s.  His minimalist, clean designs often made of ultra suede and cashmere became staples for my mother, who was a top runway and print model during this era.  Growing up, my sisters and I decided Mama’s clothes were too outstanding not to share and therefore, we coined “Community Closet”.  Mama decided the “Community” sharing was not in her favor and she literally had to put a deadbolt on the exterior door to her master, locking us out.  But who could argue with us?  The halter dress is still to this day timeless.

Daddy used to say, “Just because it’s on your ass, doesn’t make it an asset.”  I and I’m sure Halston would disagree looking at these pictures of Mama. To this day, her style proves that true fashion never goes out of fashion.  It is indeed the fabric of our lives.