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Tricks and Treats

I’m still howling about my sister’s follow up post yesterday regarding Listen Up Fellas! Don’t Have a Late Lunch. How a picture speaks 1000 words!

Well, with it being Halloween and in keeping with Dani’s topic of men and women and befuddling things, I wanted to share with you today a little info about a woman who was considered to be a witch in her day, a real one. Today, she might be considered to be a bi**h, a real one. But as in all topics, it would no doubt depend on whom you’re speaking with.

Of Irish descent, she is believed to have lived from 1230-1324. Her name: Alice Kyteler. It is rumored that she had sex with demons. Demons I say!

Proven truth is that she was wealthy and powerful in her own right and eventually married four men, all of whom died while married to her. Extremely scandalous, this shed a tremendous amount of suspicion upon Alice. Despite having other relatives, each husband left all of his money solely to her. This contributed to her amassing a considerable fortune in her lifetime. Now this was over 700 years ago. Today, it’s not a sure thing a girl can get a meal on a lunch date. No one understood how she did this. Must’ve been some kind of sorcery.

I sat in the house – now a medieval inn in Kilkenny, Ireland where she once lived so very many years ago and sipped a glass of wine. Bathed in heritage and history, the walls are colored in rich brown tones, natural woods and supported with stone. Worn brown leather furniture and dim lighting lends an air of mysteriousness to the whole place. That day, a life sized figure of Alice sat on the couch opposite me.

Legend has it that with the help of friends, she escaped to England and avoided being burned at the stake. Witch or no witch, she must have been spell binding indeed. Guess she had the tricks to get the treats.

Happy Halloween everybody!

©2013 Tracie Frank Mayer