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Traveling in the Pandemic… Our New Normal

I recently returned home to Seattle from my second home Nashville.

Traveling during the Pandemic is challenging.

Mask-Check, Hand sanitizer-check, gloves-check, sanitary wipes- check, No food service- check, Limited beverage service-check, No adjacent passenger seated near you-check

So, after my four and one half hour flight to Nashville from Seattle, I arrived feeling suffocated, sticky, hungry, dry mouthed and sober!

It’s the new normal, so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. We were very cautious to stay away from our beloved live music on Broadway.  The spike of Covid-19 positive cases has spiked in Tennessee due to old habits dying hard.

So, we window shopped the  historic town of Franklin and cooled off with a Daiquiri Ice.

The weather in Nashville, especially in the summer is unpredictable.  Such was the case when my fiancé and I went boating on Center Hill Lake only to watch a storm absorb our sunshine in a matter of seconds.  We were literally visualizing Gilligan’s Island- the Minnow would be lost!  After 30 minutes of extreme duress, we arrived safely back at the dock.


Last May, we were scheduled to join our friend, Leslie Chihuly for her birthday celebration at the Chihuly exhibit opening at The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

This exhibit is a spectacular tribute to Leslie’s husband, Dale Chihuly and his masterful creativity.  The exhibit celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Chihuly’s 2010 blockbuster success as well as Cheekwood’s 60th anniversary as a public institution.  This is a must visit for anyone in the Nashville area.

Chihuly at Cheekwood

We walked trails, rode bikes, binged Netflix, played with the cats, played music, cooked at home, read, and greeted dear friends with elbow bumps and masks.


And this is our New Normal…

It’s summer… If you are traveling, stay safe and enjoy!

We are in this together.