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Traces Everywhere…Take a Moment to Notice

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. “

This quote by Alice Walker from the 1985 film, The Color Purple has always stuck with me.  Life is short and there is truly so much beauty around us, that we must take the time to pause, reflect, embrace and appreciate it.

Yesterday, I took a moment and captured this picture as I thought of two beautiful souls.

This past week, my friend, tragically lost her son to these waters in a  boating accident. Unfortunately, Lake Washington has claimed other family friends before.   Another friend, Patrick “Doc” Allen, former Pro football player, whom we always greeted each other with, “Hey August 26”, as we shared birthdates,  passed suddenly and unexpectant.

The Lake. I can imagine my friend’s son enjoying it’s cooling powers in this unprecedented heat wave and it’s vast magnificence.  It embodied the depth of the conversations I had recently shared with him, as he embarked on his  plans, goals, and future.  I studied the terrain of Mt. Rainier and imagined “Doc” and how he had beat the odds to make it in the NFL.  I reminisced on my friend, Leslie and I visiting him the heat of Houston when he played with the Oilers.  Both of these beautiful souls, always gracious, always kind.

“We see death as the final stop, yet we forget that we leave a rich legacy behind. Some of us have children, others have contributed to society in other meaningful and creative ways, but no matter what type of legacy we left behind, there are traces of us everywhere.”

Thank you for the gift of making me notice.  My heart and prayers are with the families.