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This is Christmas!

Today my heart is so full… it is bursting!

Tonight, we will be reunited when my sister and co-blogger, Tracie arrives from across “the Pond” Germany, and as we say, prepare for Olympic Sized Fun- So Let the Games Begin!

As I am eagerly waiting for our family reunion time, today I want to share the Christmas Spirit of my extended family, twins I affectionately refer to them as “Womb Mates”. They are not on Facebook, or Twitter, and for that matter they probably won’t read this blog, but their spirits are so generous, it’s Christmas and I had to share.

One of my besties, Carmen, is adamant that we get together to honor and celebrate each others birthday with a girlfriend’s lunch and a group gift from Goldfarb Jewelers . The Icky’s as we affectionately call our Womb Mate friends, Micki and Vicki were adamant that they wanted and needed nothing, but if we insisted on doing something, to please make a donation on their behalf to the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic.
Seattle Children's Hospital Research Foundation

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, located in Seattle’s Central District, provides medical, dental and mental health care under one roof to all families regardless of their ability to pay.

As I sit now and read their heartfelt thank you to all of us for doing our small part on their behalf, their gratitude is only heightened by their authentic loving generous spirit. And this to me friends is Christmas!