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There’s No Place Like Home

As a rule, when we finish an apartment to turn over for rent, the quality and standards are that we ourselves would be willing to reside there.  Our crew, Eddie, my maintenance foreman, which for the past 24 years, I have called my “husband” from the waist up, my 88 year old mother, my diligent, hard working 26 year old son and I painstakingly collaborate on every detail.  From paint color, granite counter tops, wood laminate floors, lighting, and fixtures, we all map out what each turn will transform into.  As we hand over the keys to a new resident, it is our sweat and labor which we entrust to their good judgement and care.

Each morning, we check in on emergencies and make the rounds picking up trash strewn on the properties.  We check and monitor traffic, and often play warden over noise grievances and petty disputes.  We take calls hourly for broken fans, electrical outages, toilets clogged, and being locked out.  Our job is 24-7- literally every day of the week.

It’s a fallacy that landlords are titans which should bear the burden of providing housing free of charge during these turbulent times.  It can take years to recap our investment on a single turn in providing quality, affordable housing and we are often deficit spending to keep it going.

I believe we must work together.  The City Council members which advocate not paying rent in solidarity if you can is simply stealing.  You are stealing from housing providers who are dedicated to keeping you and your neighbors safe.  You are stealing from paying for the quality that you deserve to live in.  You are stealing from your community and keeping it secure.

Seattle City Council must listen up or lawsuits such as the one filed here will continue.  Remember, “There’s no place like home.”  I am committed to serving and I hope residents are committed to honoring the agreements signed.  Talk to your housing provider if you are in dire straights, but don’t just ignore or chose this time as a free ride.  We are in this together.