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The Life of a Landlord in Handcuffs

Last night at 10 20 p.m., I was winding down from a long day of my first of the month obligations as a housing provider.  I had a long list for my maintenance foreman, Eddie who I call my “husband” from the waist up.  Unit 1107 had moved in and the stove was not working.  Unit 3 had a long list of repairs from a defective garbage disposal to a broken outside light.  Martha vacated unit 206 and claims to have left her roommates with her portion of the rent, which they deny.  Deposit refund sent to unit 401. Confirmed new cabinets for unit 306 will be installed prior to the 14th for a move in. Reviewed an application with a resident who had 3 evictions and a credit score in the low 400’s. Called Otis elevator, as resident 404 got stuck inside.  Showed 14th E., again, and no matter how charming the unit is, the homeless encampment adjacent to the property is a deterrent.  Paid all the mortgages, utilities, and other mandatory monthly bills essential to operating properties.

I sighed as I pulled back my bedding and eagerly anticipated what Netflix or Prime Video I would watch until I dozed off and hit it again the next morning.  As I delved into the history of Studio 54, my peace was interrupted, by a text, “E is screaming at the top of his longs out front of the building. Started in his place and moved outside. Now he is threatening me for asking him to stop.”

I called “E”.  I’m sorry that you couldn’t find what you were looking for, however, you cannot have a melt down when there are 35 other families living in the complex and you are disturbing their rest.  The complaints on “E” have been non-stop since he took occupancy.  Loud disturbances at all hours, smoking cigars in the common areas, tons of traffic, and loud music at all hours.

One bad apple truly can spoil the pail.  I have no recourse to force “E” to move, although i have repeatedly asked.  I am losing quality residents who have enjoyed years of solitude and the sanctity of their homes.

Yesterday’s City Council passed these bills, insuring more renter’s rights.

Seattle City Council to vote on tenant protection bills as eviction moratorium set to expire (

On the surface, to many of you this may sound feasible.  But the price is hefty as small mom and pop landlords take their properties out of circulation, housing will become scarce.

Daily I hear from my fellow property owners, horrific stories of Meth heads, crack addicts,  elective non payors, squatters, abusive, disrespectful, and filthy renters who occupy and now with the law on their sides, refuse to move.  I say it’s easier to marry someone than to rent to them in this market.  At least here in Washington it’s a no fault if you want out, but you can’t divorce bad renters.

If we don’t push back on these restrictions, and uncuff our hands being tied, I can promise you, the landscape of our city will change. Big corporations will be your housing provider.  They can afford the loss and the headache.  As Mr. Roger’s said, ‘Won’t you be my neighbor?’  I hope not if you are “E”.

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Wouldn’t want him for your neighbor either, now would you?  I think Mr. Rogers would agree!  THINK and VOTE!  #Stopthemadness