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Tennis Anyone?


I recently got back in the game! I gotta say, I forgot how much I enjoy playing tennis. It’s a life-long sport which I anticipate playing well into my Seniorbarbee years! I started playing the game around the age of 8, as my dad loved to barter, and so he exchanged private lessons for me with a delinquent rent paying tenant who happened to be a tennis pro.

So what happened when one of my BFF’s, Susan Johnson was the winning bidder at the Jungle Party Zoo Auction for the Barclays World Tour Finals and asked me to go? Deuce! First, I confirm it is THE BARCLAYS in London featuring the top 8 players in the world in addition to the top 8 doubles team. Yea baby girl, I have passport…will travel!

Of course, guilt sets in. Gotta get the house sitters and coerce my son to stay home from his Frat and handle the business and get my daughter’s schedule ironed out. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is around the corner, then Christmas, but YOLO – You Only Live Once resonated in my head. Match point! Plane booked!

And when I return I will certainly be asking Tennis Anyone?

40-Love – Let the games begin!