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Take A Walk on the Wild side…

It’s Flashback Friday, and if you can’t laugh at yourself…then laugh at me.

My fiancé is an animal lover extraordinaire.  He is literally  “that guy” who escorts wildlife be it a butterfly, bee or chipmunk back outside to nature.   As he expresses, they are just trying to make a living.

I don’t agree.

Once, I was home alone, in Tennessee and encountered a garden snake in our Livingroom. (Don’t see these in the Pacific Northwest).  I called  my fiancé at work screaming in tears, as he explained, much to my dismay, he could not rescue me. His soothing words that the snake was more afraid of me, than I of it, did not suffice.  I finally  mustered the courage to scoop this slithering reptile up in a dustpan and release it to the backyard bushes.

I was also raised believing anything with teeth can bite.

Exhibit A above, me as a child modeling for Nordstrom staring down that sheep!  I recall like yesterday thinking if that sheep takes one more step- I’m out of here!  Modeling career be damned.

For five years, Eric has tried to tame my fear of all “beloved” non domesticated creatures.  In our Nashville home, our cats, which I have grown to love, (they tolerate me) tend to bring gifts.  I don’t get why people call birds, snakes, and rodents gifts??? Aren’t gifts supposed to be things you want?

Sir Winston and Lady Ella


Exhibit B below, this “gift” sealed my anxiety for life of any furry intruder not paying rent.  Any yes, “that guy” escorted him to freedom.