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Sweet Grapes! Spotlight on Stacy Lill

I am so thrilled that my dear girlfriend, Stacy Lil was among the 16 honorees of the 2013 Puget Sound Business Journal Women of Influence that I am re-posting her (March 2013 blog) in our Spotlight Today!

Congrats my friend! During this week of Thanksgiving, know I count you as a blessing!

Today, we are placing the Spotlight on one of the sweetest grapes on my vine and that is Stacy Lill.

When we first met, Stacy and I became fast friends as we connected on so many levels. I admire her dedication and work ethic as she tirelessly champions her long days and charities. Stacy is a business woman extraordinaire and today, I have asked her to share with our readers her passion for as I call them the Big W’s (Wine O Wines and DelLIlle Cellars, Women– how she manages to find time to balance friendships, Work– Stacy literally goes 24/7, Wild life– she’s heading to Africa, and Winning in life.

Stacy is one of my role models as she lives by my motto- Every Venture should be an Adventure!Read below in her own words and you will see why!

Wine- I have always had a passion for wine and charitable work. When I was introduced to Greg in 2002 I quickly was submerged into a world where both wine and charity were a focal point in our lives. DeLille Cellars had been started by Greg & his Father in 1992 and over the years we have been passionately involved with a variety of charities around Seattle and other parts of the country. Wine is a great way to connect people as well as create special memories by sharing wine over dinner, travel, etc.. We have done it all! Greg & I have met so many wonderful people, friends and supporters through or work to grow the DeLille brand name. By late 2006 I had the idea to utilize wine as a vehicle to fund Educational scholarships for young Women who were otherwise unable to realize their dream of going to college.O Wines was born and quickly became a household word in our area with tremendous support from so many local women drinking the wine and telling their friends about it. Recently O Wines was purchased by Chateau Ste Michelle one of the largest wineries in the Industry with the intent of taking the O Wines brand National. I will continue to be the face of the brand and am excited to grow this brand in all 50 states, consequently funding considerably more educational scholarships for women to go to college.

~ “Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.” ~Dior Yamasaki

I have always felt it is important to surround myself with wonderful, talented and passionate friends as we journey through life together. I found that women are such great listeners and supporters in one another. I love my girlfriends and make it a priority to stay connected and spend time together even when life is at its most busy. In fact as I reflect on my closer circle of friends I have realized that they all are very giving in spirit, time and talent. We lift each other up and challenge one another to be our best selves. Spending time with my friends energizes me and helps drive my inner passion to get up each day and continuing doing what I do.

Work- I do work a lot but love what I do so it does not feel like work and I love to busy especially when it is making a difference in our community and world. After having 20+ years in Sales & Marketing for Fortune 500 companies I was poised and ready to be able to follow my passions and build a business that brought giving and wine together. We are fortunate to live in a state where the wine industry has an economic impact of $8.6 billion dollars. We are surrounded by world class wines and I love to be a part of the progress and history we are creating. My husband Greg & I do spend an inordinate amount of time out and about whether it be hosting a winemaker dinner at our Chateau or in a popular Seattle restaurant such as Rover’s, LARK, or Canlis. Most weekends we can be found at a charity auction or Winetasting and in our spare time we are catching up with our friends over casual dinner or supporting them in whatever charity they feel most strongly about.

I often think I would have liked to have been involved in many industries such as medicine, veterinarian, stage performer, non-profit, etc. What I have found is that over time I have created a world where I create and promote wine while doing good for our community and select my key charities as a result of my many interests such as being co-chair of Virginia Mason’s Dreambuilder’s Gala and work to raise money for Benaroya Research Institute satisfy my medical interests, having danced and been co-chair of Seattle Dances as well as a PONCHO Board member gravitates to my interest in the Arts, my work with the Woodland Park Zoo fills up my curiosity and love of animals. I guess overall I have crafted a way to turn all of my passions and interests into raising lots of money for charity, raising awareness for our wine brands and a way to spend a considerable amount of time with friends and people I enjoy. There is a true satisfaction I get from being involved, meeting so many wonderful friends and being a contributor to our community.

Wildlife- I really love animals especially wildcats. We have sheep and Alpaca that I feed every morning to get my farm and animal fix as well as truth be told it is a peaceful and quiet moment before the craziness of the day begins. I am so looking forward to my first trip to Africa this coming May. I will be in Tanzania on Safari with great girlfriends creating some I am sure lifetime memories and special moments. I did have 2 bermese cats for almost 18 years that were a special light in my life for a very long time. Animals really bring a sense of joy that is indescribable.

Winning- At my ripe old age I try to move through life with thoughtful purpose and compassion and of course a winning spirit. Who does not like to Win? I figure if I am going to do anything I might as well do it big and with a bang. I do love charity work especially when new goals and highs are achieved for the good of the cause. I consider it a win when new scholarship women are selected. Earning a Mirror Ball trophy was awesome because it raised a lot of money for Plymouth Housing but also was a victory for me physically, emotionally and mentally to learn a new skill while pushing through possible barriers. One think is for sure, I have great friendships and am blessed to feel so much love and support from those around me and for that I am grateful.

Finally I love quotes and often change them on the footer of my emails. One of my favorites is: “Go into the world and Do Well. But more importantly, go into the world and Do Good.” ~Minor Myers Jr

A Day At The Winery! Stacy with my Mom and Uncle at DeLille Cellars