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Stamp out a Dismal Future

Please pay attention. 

I found this mail-in voting information here:  This data will be updated frequently as we get closer to voting time. 

There are two things we can do to support mail-in voting:


#2: Help ease the load on our postal workers and their systems.  

From now until election day, do not send a birthday card, a love letter, a congratulatory or condolence card, no candy, no food–nothing of that nature. We can use twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever media you use for connecting and expressing our feelings. Cell phones, push-button, maybe even a rotary is out there somewhere. Order from the comfort of your home only the essentials.

Our postal workers are overwhelmed and we must help them out.

The Covid-19 pandemic has flooded post offices and shipping stores with packages, mail, and new customers  (folks buying items they can no longer get in stores anymore), leading to difficult working conditions for employees and long lines for customers. An increase in package volume, of course, means more heavy lifting for clerks and carriers, which will leave them more exhausted at the end of each day–and you want your vote counted. 

So this is NOT business as usual, and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Make that extra effort. Our lives and those of our children and future generations depend on it.

Please, please support our delivery workers. Receiving mail can be fun. But NOT now. Send as little as possible through the postal service and mindful after the election–be considerate of our postal workers who are indeed essential workers.

This is our new normal. 

Let’s all get together and do what we can to stamp out a dismal future. #goodtrouble #vote