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Spotlight on Philomena Lee

I am 1 of over 1 Billion Roman Catholics. I have journeyed on more than a few occasions to Rome and stood on the grounds of Vatican City with my mother, daughter, son and sister in silence as the Pope made his appearance. I was raised to always have the most reverence for my faith, but admittedly through the years, I have taken issue with some of the church’s platforms and hidden scandalous secrets.

Last night, my mother and I went to see the movie, Philomena. I share with you as a Catholic, or whatever your spiritual faith and as part of the human race, the story was such a compelling lesson on forgiveness, overcoming the most challenging of obstacles, pain and shame, I understand why it is Oscar worthy.

Today, we spotlight Philomena Lee. Judi Dench’s portrayal of Philomena is phenomenal and it is a powerful lesson on love, loss and forgiveness.