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Showtime! Banned!

One of my favorite party teasers is to ask the question of my guests, what is their favorite movie of all time?

We are huge movie buffs in this family, and I think we can all recite verbatim some of our most memorable lines from multiple films. One that sticks out in my mind is from Bette Midler’s narcissistic character in Beaches where she looks at her long lost friend, Barbara Hershey and after rambling on and on about herself, she says, “O.K., enough about ME, let’s talk about YOU…. What do YOU think about ME?

“Over the holidays, while Tracie is visiting, in preparation for the Globes and Academy Awards, we catch all the new releases, and sometimes do double headers. We become our own Siskel and Ebert as we give a thumbs up or thumbs down on performances.

So far, this season, we have caught:
American Hustle
The Book Thief
Madeas Holiday
Dallas Buyer’s Club
12 Years a Slave
Justin Bieber
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Butler

In the midst of our movie slam, on Christmas Day, Mom, Tracie, Taryn (my 12 year old) and I went to see Madea. After driving 40 minutes, all the way out to a South Seattle theater, we were disappointed as the movie had JUST sold out. The ticket sales lady said, the only other film available just about to start with a few assorted seats was The Wolf of Wall Street. Not paying attention to the R factor, and the fact that we had my 12 year old in tow, we rushed into the packed theater. Taryn and I snuggled in the center row of two front seats and Mama and Tracie landed several rows in the back. With our first bites of popcorn, the opening scene was a raucous sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. WOWZA! Flashback, when I was approximately Taryn’s age, Daddy took me to see Cooley High, I survived, the bad sex scene was over!

Suddenly, Mama came flying down the aisle from her seat screaming at me to get her grand-baby out of there! I sat immobilized, perhaps in shock, Taryn’s eyes still covered, until Mama, flailing her arms, disrupting the movie for other patrons until Taryn and I sheepishly left and found ourselves watching Justin Bieber in the theater down the hall.

I did finally go back and catch the Wolf- let’s just say this review, could be right…

“Many Hollywood films are trimmed or censored in more conservative regions of the world, so it nearly was a given that Martin Scorsese‘sThe Wolf of Wall Street — a three-hour raunch-festfeaturing sex, drugs and 569 variations of the F-word — would face plenty of heat (in the U.S., Scorsesehad to make trims to secure an R rating, versus an NC-17).

Red Granite Pictures, the production and financing company that made the $100 million opus, knew going in that the Middle East and parts of Asia might not take too kindly to some of the film’s more decadent scenes. They were right.

Malaysia and Nepal have banned the film in recent days, while some scenes have been cut in the versions playing in India and Lebanon. And in Singapore, Wolf has been relegated to only a handful of theaters because of its ultra-restrictive rating.”

With that said, DiCaprio along with Matthew McConaughy and Chiwetel Ejiofor gave Oscar worthy performances in their respective films (The Dallas Buyers Club, and 12 Years a Slave)!

O.K, we gotta run and catch Nebraska, Gravity and August Osage County… Taryn won’t be joining us! Stay tuned!