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Secrets Worth Sharing…Thanks Mayumi!

I have known Mayumi for many years. Mayumi represents everything we Menopausebarbees believe, and she epitomizes our slogan, “We are getting older, but we are still dolls!”  As a peer, I have watched her in every stage of life. From a model, I first saw at Jeri Rice Boutique at The Fairmont Hotel,  to wife, mother, match maker, business entrepreneur and champion for many. This past January, we met up at our favorite bar, The 520 to celebrate Mayumi’s birthday.

As always, I was in awe of her radiant spirit. But, this particular visit, her energy was bigger than ever (that’s saying a lot) and her body was smaller and more toned and fit than ever. I asked how she did it and thankfully now in her book, we can all know the secrets to looking and feeling our best. Mayumi has always been transparent, but I was truly blown away at the raw truth behind her struggle to get where she is today. As I read, I marveled at the commitment, tenacity, and dedication that Mayumi demonstrates to live and look and feel her best. She lives by my favorite quote, “Success only comes before Work in the Dictionary.” Congrats Mayumi, a must read for EveryBody! You worked it out! xoxo

Now…if I could just give up that wine (lol)