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Remembering Daddy… and Team Theresa

This week as we honor our father on the 25th anniversary of his passing, I woke up this morning thinking of how blessed he was to have a true partner, for 32 years, our mother, Theresa.  They truly were the “It” couple, and when I reflect on their favorite song, Bill Wither’s Just the Two of Us, I am humbled by their tenacity to “build castle’s in the sky” from literally zero.  They were the perfect example that good things come to those who work their asses off!  They were a compliment to each other’s Yin and Yang.  Daddy was street smart, born and raised in Detroit, he was a fearless businessman and the word NO was not in his vocabulary.  Mama, always a class act, a model on and off the runway, she held down the fort, and brought a sense of calm to his unconventional style.

If Daddy was in your life, you could count on him inserting himself in your business.  A family member shared when her life was derailing and she was struggling in the abyss of a toxic, no good relationship, Daddy intervened.  One night, he picked her up and they visited  some of the seediest, undergrown, dangerous, and  deplorable joints he could find.  Just as in the film Scared Straight, where young at risk youth are taken to some of the worst prisons, and they discover a life of crime is not an option,  the experiences Daddy shared with so many was life altering.

I often wonder how Mama put up with Daddy’s antics and the daily grind.  One of my favorite stories was when Mama went outside looking for her prized white Cadillac, only to see the taillights exiting our driveway.  Daddy boasted he had just traded it for a Lake Wa view home in Leschi, claiming the purchaser thought he made a great deal as the car could move, but the house couldn’t. Mama cried, Daddy refi’d.

I have countless memories of our home being a revolving door for those seeking counsel, insight or just company.  Mama always had the best meals prepared and Daddy always had a solution.

They were a team. Yes, Daddy was often out of bounds, off sides, and made fouls, but Mama was always a team player, and that was a winning combo!