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I had the loveliest blog to ease us and greet us into the weekend. 

Well, as we know, sometimes the most prepared plans go awry. So, instead, I’ll share some stunning news: The President of the U.S. has contracted COVID-19.

Yes, POTUS and FLOTUS, along with Hope Hicks, his personal advisor–and who knows how many others in their circle and beyond have tested positive for the Coronavirus. The President is said to be the most tested man in America for this pandemic virus–yet, his bubble burst. It appears that no one is immune to this extremely dangerous illness. 

This situation reminds me of one of those times when I didn’t want to listen to Mama. She would say, ”Alright– don’t listen to me. A hard head makes a soft behind.” Keep reading and you’ll understand.

As we all know, the President has been openly critical of mask-wearing; subjecting his followers/supporters to rallies that go against health guidelines, undermining the CDC, downplaying the severity of the virus publicly, and scorning scientists. And now, he and his wife have unfortunately tested positively. Ergo: hard head=soft behind. 

We all wish POTUS and FLOTUS, as well as everyone else suffering from this virus healing; we are a people and we are in this together–it’s no fun playing alone.

But good grief! What with fake news, ballot interference, the Proud Boys, and now this–I just want to say that whoever wrote the 2020 season of the United Stated really crafted a cliffhanger. We are on the edge of our seats. 


I always try to find the good in everything. Perhaps the silver lining in all this is that now, everyone regardless of party lines will use their good God-given commonsense and follow the recommendations of the doctors and scientists, wear masks, be vigilant with hygiene, and protect themselves and each other. Then perhaps we will hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, be able to defeat this scourge sooner, much sooner than later. 

Peaceful weekend everybody. You know what to do.