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Pass the Bird!

It’s Thursday and in exactly one week, most of us in the U.S. reading this will be sitting at a festive table where the eyes will feast as much as the mind, body and soul as we celebrate, reflect and give THANKS for our many blessings at our Thanksgiving meal.

As I write this, my mouth is watering thinking of the moist turkey stuffed with Mama’s homemade dressing, which she painstakingly prepares for two days.; There will be yams, potato salad, my daughter’s favorite Mac n Cheese, string beans, relish trays, and ham.; The bountiful meal will be served on the fine china reserved for this annual celebration.; After we are deliriously stuffed, we will gorge on lemon meringue pies, rum cake, and hot butter rums.

In kindergarten art class, my daughter crafted a turkey.; Thus started our family tradition of pass the bird and take a moment to give thanks for what you are most grateful for.; Without fail, as we go around the table and I listen to my extended family and friends give gratitude, I realize how fortunate we all are.; The house is warm with fireplaces blazing, glassy baby candles are a glow, illuminating the floral arrangements, and the sweet aroma of the home-cooked ingredients permeates the air.

I find it coincidental that a month set aside since 1863 for celebrating our harvest also happens to be Adoption Awareness month.; As an advocate for our youth at risk, I would be remiss not to use this blog as a platform to remind us all that as you pass the bird or whatever your family tradition is, to take a moment and think of those less fortunate who don’t have the pleasure of a cozy home, a nurturing family, or a bountiful meal.

So let’s not lose sight, and remember to whom much is given, much is required.
It’s simple to make a donation, whether it be monetary or of your time to your local charity, food bank, or shelter and pass the bird!