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No One Should Have to Call This Home… Sign TODAY

There’s a nastiness spreading through homeless camps in King County.

It’s a bacterium called shigella and can lead to an infection called shigellosis, which can leave a person helpless with diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps.

Last week, I rushed through the Safeway on 15th Avenue and witnessed a homeless man enter from the “tent housing park” across from the grocery store who I presume was suffering with this condition.  It sickened me as I waited in the checkout line and watched as the checkers all rushed to enforce the mask rule, literally throwing the face shields at him as this man bawled up on the floor near the entry in a fetal position holding his stomach and bellowing in pain.  The only item he was offered was a mask.  What else could they do?

The Seattle Times reported;

142 cases have been confirmed in the county since October and of that 110 are said to be people experiencing homeless. Hayes said of all the cases, 91 percent are in the City of Seattle and 63 percent needed hospitalization.

“The disease is clearly transmitted in unhygienic living conditions, close quarters, poor access to sanitation and hygiene” says Seattle/King County Public Health officer Dr. Jeff Duchin.

Although the checkers were ill equip to offer a more than a mask, today I am sharing what we ALL can and should do.

Compassion Seattle

Compassion Seattle is a group of civic and community leaders working to address Seattle’s homelessness crisis. Our mission is to make an immediate and tangible impact for people experiencing homelessness. We have launched an initiative to direct the city to address this crisis, which has increased dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. We do not believe people should have to live in encampments in our parks and on our sidewalks, which is why this measure supports increases in, and access to, emergency and permanent housing, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment and services for people experiencing homelessness and to keep public spaces clear of encampments.


with your neighbors, colleagues and family members.

Supporters can download the petition form directly from Compassion Seattle’s website, obtain signatures of friends and family and return it by mail to Compassion Seattle P.O. Box 21961, Seattle, WA, 98111 or drop it at the Compassion Seattle office. The petition must be printed double-sided in black ink. For further directions on downloading and signing the form, visit

Endorsed by these establishments;



Alliance for Pioneer Square

Chief Seattle Club

Downtown Emergency Services Center

Downtown Seattle Association

Evergreen Treatment Services


Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County

Plymouth Housing

Public Defender Association

SODO Business Improvement Area

United Way King County

Uplift Northwest


Visit Seattle

Let’s add your name to the list.    It is crucial that we gather 33,060 signatures of registered Seattle voters by Friday, June 25 in order to qualify Charter Amendment 29 for the November ballot. We don’t have much time to reach our signature target and we need your help.

No one should have to call this home.