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My One Wish for Christmas!

There is nothing more rewarding than planning an event and pulling it off greater than your grandest expectations.

This past Wednesday, our annual Treehouse for Foster Kids Shop for a Cause Holiday Toy Drive was immensely successful and thank you to all who helped grant my One Wish for Christmas!

The vendors had the room glowing with elaborately decorated stations including Christmas trees, and lights.Their displays were as inviting as the candies and candles that adorned each table, set by the backdrop of the Marina and glimmering yachts on the Sound.

By 7 pm Shoppers and a host of friends, many who surprised me as I only have had contact via Facebook (gotta love social media) joined us and filled the room with toys for every age Foster Child imaginable. There were Nike clothes, Seahawk’s attire, dolls, stuffed animals, books, clothes, gift certificates, Barbie Dolls, and trucks- literally 5 car loads and over 100 items hauled back to Treehouse!

The spirit of the evening was enhanced by my favorite DJ Hitman, Craig King playing old school tunes, and some Christmas favorites. I would like to give a special thank you to Tea Mak for sharing her heartwarming story of how she survived as a homeless teen and the gratitude she has for the foster family who took she and her sister in. Tea gave a face (a beautiful one) to what it means to overcome the harshest of circumstances.

Treehouse CEO, Janis Avery, spoke on behalf of Treehouse and shared their mission statement of giving these children what all children want – a childhood and a future.

At the end of the night, after 3 raffles of goodies from all vendors and a specialty package donated by Leslie Chihuly, the vendors wrapped up their stations and will send in a check from proceeds of sales. Compiled with the toys, raffle money and donations, we made a difference!

A special shout out to our 2013 Shop for Cause Vendors- please support our local shops!
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Thank you my friends for your generosity and abundance of love!

Happy Holidays!

Dana along with my “unofficial” photographer Brina Sanft and Tea Mak