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Memory Lane!!

Oh my goodness!

Yesterday, mama and I literally drove down Memory Lane.

Our destination was to the grade school I attended, now named The Villa.  Was the trophy I won as MVP for volleyball still in the trophy case? Though I was awarded the trophy in the 8th grade, I thought it just might be possible that this relic was around somewhere. You never know. The anticipated nostalgia of visiting my Alma Mater was a major happy boost.

When I attended this school in the 7th and 8th grades, it was called, Sacred Heart Villa Academy. Situated on 31 acres on Lake Washington, including 600 feet of lake waterfront, the lush grounds of the school (picture) are still meticulously kept with organic gardens, trails, and a state-of-the-art athletic field. Once you drive inside the entry gates, you feel like you’re into a world all its own.

Just as we were ringing the bell to enter, Amy and her darling, I mean darling, son David were exiting just as her husband, Anthony appeared. Amy is a sixth-grade teacher at the Villa and Anthony teaches all things IT there. They welcomed us inside and we all got on the vintage elevator that I remember oh, so well. I touched it’s iron gate to take with me.

We landed on the second floor, the chapel straight in front of us. It was in that chapel, that my 8th-grade graduation was held (picture). Wow. Everything was just as I remembered, except for the addition of a piano. I scanned the room, having a moment. Suddenly David came and stood beside me and started to explain the Stations of the Cross on the walls. No surprise there, with both of his parents being school teachers. Precious.

Back in the hallway, mom and I  meet Kelly, one of the directors of the school. She will look in the archives and see if she can find any names from my graduating class.

Walking the corridors, we admired the artwork and posters hanging from the walls that the kids have created revealing their awareness of our social and political climate. Quite impressive.

We then found the classroom where mama apprised (and/or warned) my English teacher to never again doubt my writing skills again (picture). I remember it like it was yesterday. Her name was Ms. Thompson. She had listed several phrases on the chalkboard. Our assignment was to choose a phrase and write a paragraph incorporating it. I chose, “I knocked but no one answered”. I remember the entire text, but won’t post it all here. The last sentence was the doozy: “I knocked but no one answered. I will keep knocking until I find the right key to open the door to my soul.” Well, unfortunately for Ms. Thompson, she didn’t believe I wrote it. Mama took care of that.

At our 8th grade graduation, I received honors for nearly every class–even the award for General Excellence. Hah! I was shocked. A good shocked. I still have the awards to this very day.

I had some of the most beautiful, fun, and unforgettable moments in my life at The Villa. What I know for sure is that if I had known then, what I know now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucky me.