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Mask It or Casket

I must admit it. I was skeptical. Unfortunately, the President of the U.S. has contracted the Coronavirus. As Cardi B said, “This sh#t is real!”

Two hundred and eleven thousand Americans dead in just seven short months AND infecting seven and a half million more, this damn virus is STILL taking a devastating toll. 

The CDC has updated its report to say that this virus “may be able to infect people who are FURTHER than six feet away; that it may “linger in the air for minutes to hours and that it is a spreader in enclosed areas with no ventilation.

It’s hard enough trying to survive in this world on a good day–you add in various health issues with no insurance, unemployment, businesses going under, unusual learning environments for our children that will affect their psyches for who knows how long, fires, environmental change, babies STILL in cages!

There are so many questions that need to be answered. Among them:

Was the President infected at the debacle of a debate with VP Joe Biden?

How many people of his staff are infected?

What extra safety precautions are being taken for the people who serve in housekeeping, cooking, etc in the White House?

Does he now understand the gravity of the situation? Removing his mask at the White House upon his release from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is not a strong indicator of this–and sets a horrible example. And just how in the hell shall we not fear a virus that has killed over 210,000 Americans and over a million worldwide. 

Sean Conley, the President’s doctor said himself that he wasn’t fully transparent–evidently desiring to be “upbeat”, rather than giving the facts.

And while the President is back in the White House, will other people be exposed? As you all know, ten people in his immediate circle were exposed at the Super Spreader Event for the Superior Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Some say The Notorious RBG was at work. But it really was just a matter of cause and effect: people thinking that can’t be told what to do and gathering, hugging, crawling all over each other–celebrating a pro-life judge. With over 200,0000. dead. The irony of it all. Behavior exploded this virus. So much for downplaying.

Too many questions are not being answered. 

And until they are, until there is a Plan B that works, please actively practice hygiene and wear your masks. Your life may depend on it. It is the only effective weapon we have against this disease. Follow the doctors and scientists. Do NOT play follow the leader on this one.