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Making Her Mess her Mission – The 50/50 Friendship Flow

It’s October, the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  As I reflect on my friends who are survivors and warriors of this dreaded diagnoses, it’s destiny that I write today sharing a new book, The 50/50 Friendship Flow by my girl, Shari Leid.

Shari, a breast cancer survivor after being diagnosed at age 47 and undergoing a double mastectomy made her “mess” her “mission” in realizing what was important in this gift called life.  I marveled at her bravery as she was transparent in a circumstance where I for one would have most likely pulled the covers over my head and suffered in silence.

Shari, who is one of my most accomplished girlfriends, a former litigator, life coach, mother, wife, and even stand up comic shares her journey with such  raw, real, clarity of coming to understand through the process of regaining her health what matters most.  As Shari stated, “I made it my mission not to allow another year to go by where I did not take the time to sit down one on one with each of my girlfriends to share the meaning that she brought into my life.”

As Shari prepared for her 50th birthday, she made a list of 50 women she wanted to meet over the course of the year.  Some women were longtime friends, others were new acquaintances.

I was blessed and humbled to be one and my date is detailed in chapter 23 entitled, Elevate the Room – our dinner date on April 16, 2019.

As I read the stories of the other 49 women, I affirmed that we do learn, love, grow, aspire and dream from other’s experiences and life lessons.  Shari thoughtfully ends each chapter with an empty journal page for your personal notes and take away from each date.

As we honor Breast Cancer Awareness, remember this, “A friend is like a good bra, she lifts you up and is close to your heart.”

Thanks Shari for lifting us all – The 50/50 Friendship Flow is available on Amazon October 6.

This book is the perfect gift as a daily reminder of the power of friendship.  Get it for your girlfriends, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, your nieces, and  your cousins, but most of all for YOURSELF!