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M is for Multi-tasking Mama

It’s May, one of my favorite month’s of the year. It is the season we celebrate Spring, Mothers Day and the Menopausebarbees very own mother as well as my daughter were born this month.

So, today as I am re-posting M is for Multi-tasking Mama. As we prepare to celebrate this phenomenal woman aka Tutu next week, we can attest, she hasn’t slowed down.

M is for: A Multi-tasking Mama!

Looking at this photo, many will see chaos.  But for me, it was a typical day in the Frank Family household.  As we are celebrating M is for May, Moms and Multi-tasking, I still marvel at how Mama handled it all.

As I reflect on all that is happening in this photo, I am a 3 year old tot, demanding my mother’s attention, my middle sister is decked out and ready for her First Communion, Tracie has arrived safely from a school day at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, and Daddy had cars lining the driveway to negotiate whatever business was paramount at the moment.

In addition to all the activity, I am certain, a home cooked dinner was prepared,  school uniforms were neatly starched, lunches packed, and we made it to First Communion on time!