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M is for Model Mom… Today’s Birthday Girl!

M is for Model Mom

It’s a rare occasion that we are at a loss for words and we find that is the case for us Menopausebarbees as we sit to write and express all that today’s birthday girl encompasses.

M is for the MODEL our mother has been not only as she owned the runway, but how she has modeled her life.

This courageous beauty who was hailed early as a beauty queen garnished many crowns.  In her mid 40’s she launched a modeling career when most her peers were battling middle age.

She has raised my siblings and I with a fervent faith and the daily reminder to let go and Let God.

When we look at the photos of her past 87 years, we are astounded as the years, styles, people and places may have changed, but she remains the same. She is a living testament to God is Good… All the time!