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Lost and Found

Love, loss and forgiveness. . .

thank you for setting me up for this with your post from yesterday my sister. And thank you for keeping the flame of this post burning in my busy absence.

Since January 27th of this year I have been thankfully reunited with my son, your nephew.

It had been 2153 days since I hugged him. Imagine that if you can.

I never ever expected to be reunited with him this way and how I wish that I had been the one ill and not him! I have been told that perhaps if it had been me, we wouldn’t have come together again. But who am I to second guess? And I won’t. I’m just going to thank God in Heaven, all the angels, good karma, every good religion and all our friends and family who have prayed and everyone and every good thing involved that he is doing better. I am a Catholic Christian and so I say, Yes Lord!

And let me tell you. Here is what I know to be true, true, true: you can’t fight love.

You just can’t. There is nothing, absolutely nothing greater or stronger.

We may for a time lose sight of each other, we may physically change, outside forces can do their level best to make us look like cut throat low life vipers, but the truth is the light and the light is brilliant and this is what it’s beaming:

The part of us that is righteous and steadfast will always be righteous and steadfast.

We just have to hang in there.

2153 days.

And forgiveness comes without saying a word.


Because it is supposed to.

©2014 Tracie Frank Mayer