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Let’s Get Wicked with Susan Johnson Kropp

Love the title of my dear friend, Susan Johnson Kropp’s second novel, Something Wicked.

It’s Halloween season, and it’s just that wicked time of year.  Susan is wickedly witty, wickedly wise, and has delivered yet again a wickedly well written read.

I have found such pleasure reading during these days of Covid-19 quarantine and so I’m sharing some local authors who happen to be some of my best friends.

Synopsis of Something Wicked

“Jillian Van Doren is a successful romance novelist—but she is unhappy and unfulfilled. When she meets a new neighbor and fellow writer, Jeff Spiegel, the two make a casual connection that could be the start of something more.  But when one of their other neighbors dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Jill and Jeff find themselves intrigued by the mystery, and the police aren’t investigating. What follows leads them on a cross-country trek from Seattle to New York, Connecticut, and beyond as they track down the killer—”

Susan is well traveled, trust me, we went to Iceland on an unforgettable trip together.


So as I read the cross country trek in Something Wicked, I know that Susan is writing from experience living and being in these different states.

From my bookshelf to yours, it’s a wickedly great read!


oh and Happy Halloween! Get Wicked