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Legend to Legend

Now, I have a broken bone in my ankle, but I would have crawled to the Montreux Jazz Festival to visit Menopausebarbee uncle Quincy Jones and see Elton John perform for the very first and last time at the festival. 

His Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour was historic as it was the Festival’s first-ever open-air concert in a stadium and a part of his final global tour. He wants to take time now to enjoy his family he told his adoring fans. It was due to the phenomenal demand to see him that the venue was changed to the Stade de la Saussaz, the 15,000 capacity stadium as opposed to the previously planned two nights at the 4,000 capacity Auditorium Stravinski Hall. 

Uncle Q’s guests were picked up in the heart of the city in front of the Belvedere Lounge across from the Palace Hotel. Bus #20.  We were then driven up into the hillside passing wine fields and rolling hills. We disembarked the bus and walked about 10 minutes to get inside the stadium. We found our way over to the platform where uncle Quincy was sitting. The platform was for standing only (except for him). I spotted him through the throngs of heads and made my way over to him. We all embraced and I squeezed in to sit down on the platform next to him. Dana and Patti, our sister from another mister beside me. Best seats in the house! Shortly after sitting down, a woman, also sitting down beside me, leans across uncle Quincy and extends her hand. She says, “I’m Shania.” And I say, “As in Twain?” She started laughing and said,  “Yes,” and the magic of this phenomenal evening had begun.

I looked around the filled to capacity stadium. The locals living around the stadium were taking it all in from their terraces–backdropped by the Swiss Alps. Elton entertained us for two and a half hours, with a 15 minute encore and only left the stage once for ten minutes. He DELIVERED!!!

Both of these men have received the highest French order of merit–the Légion d’ Honneur. Their musical careers, significant achievements and philanthropic contributions will leave a lasting mark around the globe.

Legends. Enough said.

Now, take a look at this video and hear what Mr. John said to Mr. Jones.