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Ladies Who Lunch!

It must have been a part of my vow to say YES! A few weeks ago, Trina and I were having weekend coffee at Starbucks in Madison Park when we happened upon a familiar face. As Trina embraced this lady, I realized I didn’t know her, but she had a warm personality and her energy felt as if I had known her for ages. Her name was Vie and as we got to visiting, Trina shared she knew Vie from her work at The Bellevue Club. Vie invited Trina and I to her annual holiday lunch at Neiman Marcus. Under normal circumstance, I would have responded with a resounding NO- it’s the holidays, too busy, too much to do, can’t take on any more friends, projects, or people, but I stuck with my commitment to say Yes, and I’m so glad I did!

Last Friday, Trina and I arrived to find Vie and approximately 30 others all festive, tables adorned with gifts for each attendee, and champagne cocktails flowing. Although we took over the restaurant, there were too many to sit at one table, so we broke up into groups. My new found friends were some of the most engaging, interesting, well traveled, and with the most generous spirits that I have come in contact with in recent years. We shared stories of a few who had successfully beaten cancer, a husband who died last year of a brain tumor, charitable endeavors, work, marriage, divorce, children and everything in between. It was so rewarding and relaxing to engage with like minded women. In high school religion class, religion was defined as Man’s search for meaning, and as we round up with hugs and goodbyes and we will definitely re-connect soon, I realized, it is universal that in our thirst for meaning, we all want happiness, health, and enough prosperity to do good and enjoy it all.

There were so many take-a ways from the lunch, I will have to expand on additional blogs, (especially after I meet personally with En-May who is a gifted intuit). En-May, your insights were so spot on! But one highlight I will include today was what LynnAnn shared about how at the end of each year, she chooses 10 people who have touched her life that year and she sends a letter of gratitude to each one. That is an idea I plan to steal, and I can guarantee you, Vie and a few ladies at the lunch will make my list!

Happy Holidays