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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Keep Calm and Go Seahawks!

Well my official back to work week of the New Year 2014 has kicked off in usual overload fashion…

I took down the Christmas Tree.And after cleaning up all the flock, yet again, I vowed next year, I will just get a green tree (probably not).

Met with Title Companies and my financial planner for my annualoverview, something every Menopausebarbee should do!Leaving these appointments, I was saddled with the necessity of looking at the whole picture, pulling accounts, and debts, and determining the who, why what, when and where I want to be.

Took my daughter to the Orthodontist where we discovered she has to have four more weeks of getting a “turn” on her expander, because, I haven’t gotten the hang of rotating it properly.

I rented one of my last two vacant apartments, assuaged tenant complaints as I collected rent so I could pay the mortgages, utilities, taxes and, and and(love bill pay on line). I then negotiated a plumbing disaster on a building after discovering that even though the pipe bust was in the middle of the street and caused by tree roots owned by the city, it was still MY responsibility.

Got my son set up back into his Frat, where I was threatened not to come within a mile radius of the University as it is Rush Week for incoming pledges and he is busy!

Had coffee and caught up with my friend and brilliant businesswoman Sasha Muir (founder of Butter London) to discuss her new line (look for it in a future blog, ladies, you will all want one and men, you’ll want to get her one!)

Tracie and I took meetings on a few other business opportunities and did ‘lunch’ where we connected potential investors.

Time to trade in the car, so I starting looking at alternatives and reviewing Auto Trader, and driving all my car buff fanatic friends crazy on lease versus buy, and how to negotiated the best deal.

Caught an 8 a.m. tennis lesson at STC where the temperature was frigid, but soon heated up as Lisa, worked me out and reactivated muscles that I didn’t know existed!

Nursed Tracie through a cold, as we crawled in bed and watched the movie Winter’s Bone and prayed the germs would not be communal. My favorite line in the movie was “Never ask for anything that should be offered.

“Banks, bills, business, bridge building, babble, bewildered, believing, boom, bust, break, bliss, blog and blessed.

I saw this post and it’s a great reminder… In the midst of all our madness:

Say something Silly!
Laugh til it hurts
Tell a secret
Rock the boat
Shake things up!
Flirt with disaster
Buy something Frivolous
Color Outside the lines
Cause a Scene
Order Dessert
Make Waves
Get Carried Away
Have A Great Day
But most of all! – Keep Calm and Go SEAHAWKS!