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Karma… Turning a Noun into a Verb

After a year of deep reflection, living in these times of a Pandemic, violence against minorities based on their skin color, and desperate acts of mankind from hoarding toilet paper to elective non payers refusing to pay for services when they are able, I want to discuss Karma.  Although Karma is a word that roughly translates to “action,” it is commonly used as a noun.  People are known to have Good Karma and Bad Karma.  We often hear the phrases,  “Their Karma is Coming”  “Karma is a Bitch,” “Karma Kicked Their Ass,” or “If you Wait Long Enough, Karma will get You.”

Karma by definition is not a commodity which you can see, touch, exchange  trade or negotiate.  It is a vital asset which we as humans all individually own. It’s a simple equation, which like we learned in Sunday School preaches, “Do unto others, as you would like done to you.”  With Karma, a good deed will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to a harmful effect.”

Today, I invite you to do a good deed for anyone and spread some good Karma.

For $12.99, I just purchased reusable Sanitary napkins for women in Sudan who are refugees from Tigray where the President is cleansing and 80,000 women, children and men are in need.  Although, I don’t know one of these recipients of this Dignity Kit, I can’t even imagine the suffering.  As I think of it, this act turned Karma into the verb it was meant to be.

Karma…get moving!