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It’s a 50’s Thang- Veterans Celebrating Veterans

Today, as we celebrate Veteran’s Day, I want to acknowledge and salute all the brave, including our father who have served and protected our freedom.

A veteran is also defined as, a person who has had long experience in a particular field.  As a Menopausebarbee, I was fortunate to participate  last Sunday in a project for another group of  veterans of a certain age with Natalie Wallace’s photo shoot entitled, Fifty Over Fifty.

I was familiar with Natalie’s work as she was the photographer for Shari Leid’s book, the 50/50 Friendship Flow, and she had taken our pictures for the publication celebrating Shari’s 50 years and 50 friends.  Natalie has a discerning eye and she immediately puts you at ease.  I was told to trust the process and to arrive with my face naked and to bring 4-6 outfits of my choosing.

Before my appointment, I previewed some of the veterans in their pictures on fifty.shades.of.fifty Instagram post.  I happened to be shoot number 49, I was in awe of the beauty and spirit each woman brought to the set.  The array included every nationality.  Mayumi, I was worried about the foundation match until saw your flawless spred.  However, once touched my face, my worries were put to ease as she is more than a makeup artist, but a true magician. (smile)  The technique and transformation were beyond my expectations.  Seriously, book Megan 703 475-6063 for your next engagement!

Looking at the photos and original styles, as well as personality that each model brought,  my take a way was this…

In our 50’s, and beyond, we have

courage born out of our maturity

knowledge born out of experience

compassion born out of our encounters

patience born out of what we have endured

gratitude born out of what we have received

hope born out of our resilience

individuality born out of adventure

and beauty born out of Love

Bravo Natalie Wallace- I agree, this is worth celebrating and I’m honored to be a part of your tribute.

Oh, and check out Natalie Eyestone Wallace on Facebook for her upcoming Boudoir Project for women over 40!


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