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It Happened on a Saturday Morning

It Happened on a Saturday Morning

THIS happened last Saturday morning and reminded me once again why I love living where I do. 

I rolled out of bed feeling great! The sun was shining, cathedral bells were chiming in the distance, and I was on my way upstairs to the kitchen to get jump-started with a java. I was revved up and ready to go because I had a plan. Mundane, but nonetheless a plan, and a plan is a plan and mine was to clean my apartment–you know the tedious dusting in out of the way corners, sorting and washing, drying, ironing, folding, and putting away the laundry, cleaning the smudges off my laptop screen that have been irritating me all week because once I sit at my workplace and click a key, there’s no looking back. That kind of thing.

With coffee in hand, I head back downstairs get dressed and decide I’ll begin with the refrigerator. Toss the wilted, sponge down with a baking soda water mixture, dry with clean towels, and then walk down to the grocery store. Grocery shopping–even if just for fruits, oat milk, and rice cakes, is in my mind nonetheless retail therapy. 

Here’s the backdrop to this post: 

I live in an area called the Friesenviertel or Friesen Quarter. Located right in the heart of the city, it is also one of the most famous streets in Cologne. For tourists and for Cologne residents who like to spend a carefree upbeat evening in a “Kölsch” atmosphere, the Friesenviertel is a must. Walking distance to the Cologne Cathedral, ancient archaeological sites, restaurants, the oldest home brewery in Cologne, museums, high-end shopping, art galleries, the Rhine River, and did I mention restaurants? You’ll find here a wonderful coexistence of the most diverse offers that are suitable for everyone. Today, it’s a far cry from the time when Cologne was considered the most criminal city in Germany – everywhere people spoke of the “Chicago on the Rhine”. The Friesenviertel was considered one of the criminal centers. At that time still a red-light district, tough guys, easy girls, and millionaire underworld bosses occupied the area. Today it’s known as Party Mile.

Okay, so at 8:30 I am ready to go. I’ve tucked 2 reusable grocery bags into my purse and stuck my EarPods in my ears and I’m out the door. I walk about a block passing a Thai massage house, several kiosks, a couple of hotels, and restaurants and suddenly, I think I hear music. Thumping music. I pull my EarPods from my ears and sure enough, I do hear music. I’m walking in the middle of the street because there’s not much traffic here at this early hour. Looking to my left there is the quaintest little food place called Homage. They serve excellent healthy home-cooked meals. Several of the little tables outside are occupied; diners savoring a good breakfast and specialty brewed coffee. Looking to my right, I see this is where the music is coming from: Goldfinger, a bar-lounge-party place. People here are still getting their alcohol beverage groove on. A guy smiles at me, raises his glass in a toast and I give him a thumbs up. 

I’m not mad at anybody. This is life. This is awesome! Eggs and homemade muffins to my left and strobe lights to my right. Diversity at its finest. Gotta love Cologne.

So what’s the moral of this true story?

If you’re sipping a cappuccino or slinging back a caipirinha, smile and do you. And don’t pay any mind to the o’clock of it–we all only have a certain amount of time anyway. And it’s ALWAYS time to LIVE!

Happy weekend everybody!