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In Memorandum Spotlight on Menopausebarbees Who Would Have Been.

We generally reserve our Monday Spotlight for a Menopausebarbee, however, we are kicking off the New Year with an exception, highlighting, a notorious case our uncle, Federal Judge, Richard A. Jones, had the challenge and privilege of sentencing.

I remember the moment I sat in my uncle’s court room, eager to lay eyes on the most heinous serial killer in Washington State history. I have always been fascinated with the law and the twisted mind of an individual who could take another’s life. I have read every Ann Rule book about murders and mayhem in the Pacific Northwest, and the Gary Ridgway case was of particular interest because he tormented my home town during my coming of age years. He was being accused of 47 murders and later confessing to at least twice that number. His target was on young teenage girls, many of whom had a rough upbringing, some in prostitution, however, regardless of the circumstance, none of us felt safe out on the streets as this demon roamed. I grew up in a neighborhood where one of the victims lived, far from the location where he got his nickname “The Green River Murder”, as the first five victims were located in this South Seattle swamp.

I was truly astonished when I laid eyes on this slight built, unassuming man. How could it be that he could terrorize a city and take so many innocent lives in the wake of his madness? For years, our community rationalized he had to be a police officer, or someone in a power position to lure these innocent young women. But before me, was a middle age man, with an un-groomed mustache, and
coke bottle glasses.

Well, it’s been 10 years since his sentencing, and Gary Ridgway has had a decade to sit in solitary confinement and contemplate his sick history. Today, we take a moment to reflect and remember and congratulate our uncle on a most historical sentencing. We also take a moment to remember the young victims who today would have been Menopausebarbees- RIP.