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I’m Calling… Please Pick Up!

Yesterday in honor of Father’s Day, I posted how I fervently believe a father’s job is to set a foundation, and a child’s job is to build on it. I also said that daily I ask myself what would daddy do, and I find my answer. So today, I’m building on my father’s legacy of being a pioneer black developer in the Central District and using his platform as he would to call on you to support bringing black business back to this area.

I’m volunteering my time to get the word out. The Central District of Seattle was populated by nearly 75% African Americans in my childhood. Today that could be less than 10% according to a recent article in The Seattle Times.

I’m imploring you to join us tonight for a community discussion on bringing black business back to this community. The Midtown Center wants your input. You may be an established or inspiring restaurant owner, postal service, fitness center, pet store, or medical clinic or you may have thoughts on what would be a good fit.

Date and Time

Mon, June 17, 2019

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

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Black Dot Underground

1437 South Jackson Street

Suite #100

Seattle, WA 98144