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I’ll Be Good To You… I Said to Myself

We awoke at 6 AM and after 1/2 cup of my morning java, I begrudgingly agreed to hit the trail.

I’ll be good to you, I said to my mind, body, spirit and planet.  A chipmunk scattered by and I took a moment to embrace nature and a sign that read, Quiet Point.  For the next few hours, I would be in a quiet point with only the sound of my audible book and my own thoughts.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes, 5.3 miles, 6 treacherous hills, and 900 calories burned in the misty, muddy, leaf ridden paths of yellow, orange and green hues, I accomplished my goal.

I needed the peace to enjoy my book on tape.  It’s a heavy tomb, American Dirt, the story of migrants escaping death and murder as undocumented immigrants to the United States.  As I reflected on the hardship of these character’s  journey, I couldn’t help but think of the what we are doing in this “new normal” to be good to ourselves.  As the weather patterns change and this Pandemic wanes, and we all fight daily hardships, we must find ways be good to our selves.

Finding fun in finding good.

In September, I joined Fredda Goldfarb, Patti Savoy and other dear friends, Stacy Lill, Stacy Jones, Deborah Anderson, Sheila Otter, and Nicole Knowles in The Good 4 All Experience.  Each Monday, we eat a Meat-Free Diet.  I have found such pleasure in joining my friends as we cook up some creative alternative meals on Mondays.  Last week, Nicole made a pasta dish with Beyond Italian Sausage.  O.K., I wasn’t beyond crazy about expanding my palate to eat the plant based links, but I must admit, the pasta and salad were delicious. The girls love beyond meat products, so you be the judge!

After a few weeks of playing tennis nearly everyday, and feeling the affects of the changing weather, I found my Menopausebarbee body aching more than usual, so I treated myself to a home massage.  Donny who contorted my body back to the days when I was a gymnast, stretched and pulled every joint until the pain hurt so good.

I’ve taken time to check on friends and family.  I have been more conscientious of recycling and conserving energy.  I’ve been reading more and watching and listening to educational programs.  I’ve been savoring the taste of fruits, and veggies. For dessert, I have been enjoying Daiquiri Ice.  I feel better.  I’ve been good to me.





Join us and take time to be good to yourself!