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I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle!

My sister and co-blogger have been writing for over ten years.  When we came up with the concept and the name, Menopausebarbees, we were not anywhere near Menopause age.  We just thought the name and the concept of “getting older, but still being dolls” rang true and it was catchy.

Perhaps, we would be fortunate and sail through these middle years symptom free like our mother.  Mama always reminds us, she didn’t have menopause, she had our father.

As a person who has always ran cold and preferred fleece and flannel over  chiffon and air conditioned rooms, I actually longed for the days when I would experience my own personal summers.  Such was the case of my blog, see Every Venture Should be an Adventure.  On a trip with my dear friend, Susan Kropp to Iceland, we argued nightly over the temperature gage in our room.  Nightly in the hotel room we shared, I would wait until she dozed off and sneak out from my multiple layers and crank the heat, until Susan would awake in the adjacent bed sweltering.

Well, let’s just say, those nights are over.  Or as the saying goes, “We are still hot, they just come in flashes.”

I for one believe in exhausting natural measures and have not been on hormones.  I’m the forever optimist.  So if you see me getting hot, just remember, I don’t sweat, I just sparkle!

  And you can always look on the bright side!