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Fasting For Love…The Fella’s Listened Up!

After the massive response to yesterday’s post, I believe that is what we all want. The outpouring of inbox messages was overwhelming! We received input from all genres, however, we were particularly impressed with the sincerity from our male readers.

Tracie and I can both attest that in over 2 years of blogging, we have never had the volume of responses as we did to yesterday’s post, Listen Up Fellas! Don’t Have A Late Lunch! First let me say, I am beyond pleased at the number of men who actually LISTENED UP! Seems our male counterparts are not having a late lunch, they are fasting looking for Ms. Right!

The men who reached out are stellar, respectful, and well YES, they pass the test in our humble opinion on Would You Date Yourself? Of course, the man profiled in yesterday’s Late Lunch didn’t seem remotely appetizing for anyone’s palate, the guys who responded would certainly fit the bill and pay for dessert, not desert a girl, sending her home with hunger pains.

I can happily say my friend profiled in Late Lunch has a few dates set up with guys I happen to know and think will be a great connect.

As far as Mr. I had a Late Lunch goes, when he called my friend and asked for a second date, I suggested she send this photo!

Happy Halloween everyone!