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Express Don’t Repress Yourself!

Yesterday, my sister and co-blogger, Tracie wrote about wearing pink and the meaning behind this trending tone.  I embraced her words, and I actually laughed aloud as she wasn’t kidding when she said my mother and I were seriously worried about what she might wear to my son and daughter in law’s wedding ceremony.  My mother expressed that Brett was her first grandchild to get married, and that we all needed to represent!  Mama doesn’t play when it comes to us dressing and she has no shame in telling us when to pull out the Spanx or if something just ain’t working.  Although I take heed to Mama’s suggestions, Tracie not so much.  So, when Tracie arrived in this pink ensemble of a plastic skirt over leggins and a ruffled white blouse with pink and white boots that she assembled for the night before the nuptials, yes, we were very, very, worried.

Tracie, like any gifted artist, has always seized any opportunity to express herself with her words and her wardrobe. All of our lifelong friends and family can attest to this.  I’m sure it was very challenging for Tracie to wear our parochial school uniforms from Mt. Virgin through Blanchet.  Twelve years of “matchy-matchy.”

I attribute part of her color clothing choices to genetics as our father was fashion forward in his day.  He was dapper and not unabashed to wear bright shaded ties, orange blazers, Burgandy corduroy jumpsuits, and one of my favorites, a classic pair of red, white, and blue stripped boots he found on a trip overseas.  Mama being the queen of class, she innately knows fashion.  As a life-long model on and off the runway, it’s in her DNA to know how to style.  So, Tracie got it honestly.

The lessons we learned from both of our parents was to set your own style and wear it well. Express and don’t repress your attire. And as my sign I’m holding below says, be Simply Unbothered by the stares and the how do you dares- most of the gawkers wish they had the courage.

As designer Ralph Lauren said, “I’ve never wanted to be in fashion, because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion.”  And a Menopausebarbee can’t have that!


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