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Dine n Dash 2021

Last week I flew to my “other” home, Nashville, TN.  As if flying during COVID is not challenging enough.  I was wearing a mask for nearly 4 hours, and I landed parched, and ready to be perched on my sofa at home to satisfy my hunger.

I notified my fiancé not to cook, as I was craving True Foods Kitchen which is not available in Washington state. So, we settled in, opened up a bottle of “Dr. Rombauer” and ordered from Uber Eats.

For those not familiar with True Food Kitchen, let me enlighten you.  Oprah and Dr. Andrew Weil backed this health food chain that is as tasty as it is good for you. The dishes adhere to Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet.   Dishes are influenced by Mediterranean, California and Asian cuisine.

So, imagine my excitement when after leaving Seattle at 8 AM, not eating all day, when 8 p.m. Nashville time arrived, I longed for my delivery. From the expansive menu, we went for our favorites- ancient grain bowl with salmon, a Tucson kale salad with chicken, a side of herbed hummus, warm pita bread and cauliflower.  I checked my phone. The order had been picked up and was now 30 minutes delayed.  We are a ten minute drive from the restaurant, however we selected Uber Eats because we had some wine.  When I called the restaurant to my extreme dismay which turned to a hangry meltdown I discovered our food had indeed been picked up, but the Uber Driver decided to keep it!  True Foods Kitchen was very responsive and immediately refunded our charges.  I was also informed this is happening frequently.  A simple google search showed that it is a thing and to add injury to insult 30 percent of drivers admit to nibbling on your meal before dropping it off!   I gotta say, this takes dine n dash to a whole new level. .So, Uber eaters be warned… I guess there is such a thing as free lunch after all!

As the saying goes Wine is a win with an e in it. We made a home cooked meal and it was a win!