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Christmas from A Child’s Eyes…

This week, my blog concentrates on children and Christmas and the spirit of giving…

When I look at the below photo, I am flooded with warm childhood memories.Nestled in my Auntie Margie’s arms, my eight year old world was seemingly perfect. I was surrounded by my family, my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles,andmy sense of security and contentment was only sweetened by the candy cane sugars melting in my mouth.

This photo was taken on Christmas eve.As I watched my extended family get over-served on spiced Egg Nog filled with rum and brandy, tell stories, and jokes I didn’t understand,I was wondering ifSarah, my third grade best friend was telling the truth? Santa had to real! I wasn’t gonna hedge my bet, she obviously had heard it wrong. But, somewhere in the recess of my mind, I still pondered why Santa seemed to be a lot more generous with some households over others. But nothing could rattle my anticipation for morning as the butterflies in my stomach danced with envisioning what was to come! In less than 8 hours, my cousins and I would awake to the abundance of gifts, and it would look as ifToys R Us had landed in our living room.So I went to bed, singing along to the Jackson 5 Christmas album.Yes, I thought as I drifted off to sleep Sarah was wrong! After all, Michael Jackson had seen his Mommy kissing Santa.

Fast forward a few years, yes, I was a late bloomer… When I realized that Santa was really Mama and Daddy Claus, my young mind tried to comprehend what is was like for those without parents.

As we prepare for this season of giving, lets keep the magic and mystery of the season alive. Tomorrow night, Wednesday December 11,please join me and a host of friends at Palisades the Alani Room.All we ask is for an unwrapped gift to brighten a Treehouse Foster Kids holiday during this season of giving.

You are certain to have a great time!We have a dozen vendors selling discounted items for everyone on your holiday shopping list.The DJ will spin some favorite Old School Jams, there will be free wine, bites, gift wrapping, and a few raffle baskets including something from every vendor!