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Believe… In Yourself!

Tis the season of miracles, faith, and believing!

It seems like yesterday when the below photo of myself with my siblings was taken. I was petrified, as tears welled in my eyes and I tugged and pleaded with my older sisters to get away from this jolly, fat, bearded stranger who was supposed to soon enter my home, while I was asleep, nonetheless through the chimney, with a payoff of a loot of presents.

How easy life would be as an adult if this magical mystery man really could solve all of our Menopausebarbee life issues? Oh Santa baby, let me tell you what I need right now! Poor Santa’s knee would be seriously tired by the time I got off of it!

There comes a time when reality, and not fantasy, sets in. We keep the spiritual faith, and realize the most powerful human resource partner that you can believe in is, YOU!

Thoughts like these always make me reflect on family, and especially those that we have lost. In the spirit of believing, today, I am sharing one of my father’s favorite performers of all time, the legendary, Lena Horne. Daddy always taught us the importance in believing in ourselves. As a young transplant from Detroit, Michigan, Daddy created a life out of meager means, for one simple reason- he believed he could.

Take a moment and listen to link below…. As Ms. Horne belts out Believe in Yourself, she reminds us of the importance of keeping the faith system of yourself alive!

” If you think you can, or you think you can’t… You are most likely right!