... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

At The End of the Day…What Matters Most


Last Sunday evening, I arrived home to Seattle from a quick trip to Palm Springs. It was a reset and rewind in the sun for just the weekend. Catching up with friends and meeting new ones, I  picked up an elder dame at a bar.  I was drawn to her.  She was intuitive and I found her age, wisdom and life experiences so entertaining, that I invited her to join us for dinner at our outside table.

At age 75, my new friend had been married 5 times.  She was as blunt as she was blonde.  We talked about everything from of course marriage, which she admitted she was not good at.  We dissected each of her husbands.  The one she called her soul mate unfortunately died at 52 from cancer.  We reminisced her life through pictures on her phone.  She had morphed from a sexy red head to now this full figured blue eyed post Menopausebarbee beauty who still had a zest for life.  I asked where my single friends should go to meet eligible men, and she said without hesitation to take up golf!  We discussed parenting, as she has two successful daughters and a grand daughter all married and thriving. She was so personable it was no surprise her work and career had been in real estate.  We talked health, her current and fifth husband is in a senior care facility with dementia.  He has multiple girlfriends, which makes her happy, as he doesn’t remember her anyway, and she wants him to be happy. Besides, she has rekindled an old romance which brings her joy.  She warned that we should not take Benadryl as it affects our long term memory.   So much for my sleeping aid.  We discussed toxic friendships and the need to distance those when they don’t serve your well being.  She said she treasures her plethora of true great girlfriends.  We discussed the best restaurants and nightlife in the Desert.  She suggested we try the local Pot Dispensary to fight every ailment from achy joints to hot flashes.

I asked her what she thinks at the end of each day.  She said simply, she has no apologies.  Life is good.  Meeting this dame reminded me of my grandfather’s words- never look back on a day and not be able to smile.  This dame made me smile.